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Car Audio Speakers/Stereo
I am replacing my door speakers and adding tweeters under my dash grills. I just wanted to know if anyone knows for certain which wires are positive and negative. On the dash wires I'm guessing red is positive and white is negative (Will be cutting plug off) but on the door they are peach and white is peach positive? (Also cutting plug off)

Thanks Lliam

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Little update... They do adaptors (Don't know why I didn't search before) found some for the dash speakers but waiting for a reply from a seller about door speaker adaptor

Are the adaptors from Citroen? Maybe leaving us with a part number may help if anyone wants them in the future.

Btw, this would be a great 'How To' thread if you can be bothered (totally up to you! Smile )
Yeh I can do that, I found them on eBay, contacted the seller just waiting for a reply. the dash speakers are labelled for Berlingo only but I also have speakers for the door so want to know the right fit (some of the adapters are just labelled Citroen). I can try to find out if Citroen make them and get the part number

A project or how to would be great. Are you changing your head unit too or just piggy backing from another speaker?
I have a Sony Head unit already, done that about 6-8 months ago. Had few problems at first but more or less all sorted now. Also have a Sub in the boot which had to work that out myself as no-one else knew how to get past the fire wall. so if anyone has any questions about those I can try to help but with the speakers I will just be using the original cables provided I have Vibe SE K-60 to go in the door and Vibe SE K-10 tweeters (Using double sided pads to keep it from moving) Not using the crossover but can take out Mids on the stereo

Out of interest, did you manage to get that sony HU to work with the stalk on the steering column? If you have one (guess you do).
No I didn't get it to work and you can't with a normal harness and it depends on the stereo you have.

you need:-

A compatible stereo (Newer stereos) you have to make sure it mentions stalk controls
PC99-X44 Citroen Berlingo Stalk Adaptor Interface Lead (By Autoleads) can find on eBay
then you need the right patch lead. For sony it is PC99-SON Sony Patch Lead but they do others

This allows only for stalk controls not the Dash display, after fitting my stereo the illumination has gone very dim on the dash display but if anyone wants to know how to stop the Dash display freezing? I unplugged the battery when fitting the sub and it works now.

want to know anything else, just ask

just so you know I have the Vibe speakers but pioneer make tweeters that fit the dash speaker grills

Thanks for that Lliam, this will be an interesting read for sure.

Glad to see you around the forum. Much appreciated.
Glad to help


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