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Rear Window Rubber Seal
Hello can anyone tell me the part code or where to get a rear window rubber seal.
I got some fitted window blinds and it was then I discovered it was missing.
Spoke to Citroen parts and they informed me it only came with a new back glass at around £180 plus the vat.

any help would be great

Try Autoglass or similar, they may have the genuine item or a generic replacement. Your window could get accidentally broken and then replaced by insurance if it is suitably covered. Wink
So where does this bit go then ?
I take it you mean mk3, 58 reg on? If you have non opening tailgate window, there is no rubber seal around outside, window is glued in, there is an edging strip around inside metal edge of tailgate around window but this is not part of the window, is this what you mean or do you have an opening tail gate window?
Hello, yes it is the inner edging strip I am on about, noticed it when i tried to affix the shades, just have a gap.
Like your thinking ffrenchie at least I know there is always options Smile
I wonder if your partsman got wrong end of stick when you mentioned rubber seal because it is not part of the window & it is not a seal? Perhaps go back & ask to see the parts diagram on his computer screen, if you brick your back window then you risk Autoglass etc doing a bad job & I'm betting his replacement glass would not include this anyway as it is completely separate from window. This sort of edging strip is fairly standard stuff & available from other sources anyway.
If you want a generic seal you could try woollies, I've had various sections from them. woollies trim
So where does this bit go then ?

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