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What's wrong now ?
Hi, only a week or so ago I had to fork out to replace the alternator, which seemed to solve the problem, but yesterday morning the van didn't start, didn't even turn over, just a click when I turned the key, dashboard lights still came on as did the radio, of course though its bank holiday and no garages open until tomorrow.
What could it be? Something else expensive?
Getting on my nerves not being able to check anything myself, would anyone reccomend those courses that help you maintain etc your car?
Maintainance and repair are not the same thing!

Assuming that your new alternator isnt faulty itself,it could then be the battery or the starter motor/circuit.
A similar thread was solved recently.It was the battery.
Even though it powers the lights and radio it may not be healthy enough to crank the engine over.
Its the cheapest and easiest to replace so Id get that checked first.
Try someone with jump leads-if it starts then it will be more likely the battery
Tyre shops sell batteries and may be open today if you can do this.
Ok thanks, even though the batt was new last June, the garage did say they didn't think it was very good, when the did the alternator.
Good morning. Sounds like the battery isn't charging properly (assuming it itself is not faulty). Since the lights and radio function it has some life in it but not enough to turn over the engine. Do you have a battery charger to top it up or can you get a jump from someone? With the engine running you should measure 14.4 volts across the battery terminals if I recall correctly.
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Get a " jump start " from a friend and have the battery tested ( free test ) in a tyre / battery place and see how you get on from there - take the battery leads with you as well in case the car doesn't start so you can get home and have a read up on the forum on how to connect the battery leads. I know you say the battery has been replaced a while back but you never know it might be dead; did you keep the receipt ?
Anyway as said go for the free and easy stuff first.
Regarding a course I think you'd be better off having an in depth read of the forum archive and trying to absorb knowledge.
Do you have any friends or family who " play " at mechanics that you can get to advise you ?
You could start a thread on the forum asking about basic maintenance and checks and tools required and go from there.
Good luck, Geoff.

Edit.... did you check the battery and earth lead connections as suggested by Ron in a previous posting ?
Thanks for your replys, im going to be on the hunt for getting the batt tested today, my brother was a mechanic but he lives quiet far away.
before the alternator was replaced, the batt tested low volt off, even lower when engine on, but i assumed it was the alternator causeing that?
If it were the battery, when you turned the key there would be a "click" from the starter and your dash lights should dim out. If that's not happening, it may be your starter is dead.

I don't know where you are in Cornwall, but there's a detailer/general tinkerer called Timmo who may be useful outside of hours. Not sure if he's a member here, but he's on several French car sites including FCF.
It could have been both the alternator and then the battery. If lead acid batteries aren't charged up properly they can go flat and not recover. If your alternator was faulty and the battery got below about 10V then it's quite likely to be damaged especially if it wasn't charged back up immediately.

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I had similar problems a few years ago. I thought it was the battery or alternator but after changing the battery the problem continued a few days later. Upon further investigation it turned out to be corroded wiring between the battery and the starter which needed replaced. No problems since then. A garage can check this but make sure you go to one with a electrical engineer who knows what to look for. The ones i used only do vehicle electrics.
In my experience it has all the symptoms of the starter has gone.

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