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One of those "Hmmm..." Moments
Was not expecting this discovery.

I've no idea who worked on the car, I know many service parts were bought by the last owner and fitted by another party.

At a guess I'd say the caliper has strained the hose. Most age-driven flex hose failures are internal from my experience; this suggests external stressors.

The rears were due already on my standard basis of being 12 or more years old, I'll now be in for a full set - the only question is Goodridge or HEL...

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I've always used HEL on my bikes and their braided hoses are very good.
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Good to have some experienced input. Leaning towards HEL at present; 69 squid plus a tenner for post. That total would only buy me two Sasic front flexes locally.

I like the clear coated lines - not for showiness but because they expose any weeping under the PVC cover.
I'm with O.J Use them on my bike too
I don't like braided hoses on everyday cars, if you need to do anything to the brakes you can't clamp them.
So where does this bit go then ?
I'm not a clamper. I've little caps made from old flex hose end-fittings closed off, and bleed it all after reassembly.
Ended up buying HEL, had plenty of Goodridge but wanted to test the competition. They'll be going on before I de-SORN it.
They arrived, somewhat later than I had hoped.

To be perfectly honest, I am a little underwhelmed. There are no overmoulds on the lines; no grommets to locate in the strut holders, no anti-chafe wire coils. A faint smell of hydraulic oil (presumably from the crimping machine) and signs of light buffing to the crimped ends. The biggest disappointment is the "cogged" female ends of an OEM spec line, are not replicated.

Anyway, they'll do - but another time I would simply return to the Goodridge supplier I've previously spent a bit with.
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I sliced off the old front hose overmoulds, and recycled them along with the protective springs. The rubber grommets can be slit with a razor blade, cleaned with brake cleaner and then superglued shut again.

To the rear you can also see my preventive bead of sealant around the outboard shaft bearing, and copper grease aplenty.

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