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Strange noise from front end.
Hope someone can help. I have a creaking sound coming from the front end of my 51 plate 1.9 multispace. It has just pasted it MOT so would have thought that if it was something serious it would have been picked up or you would hope. If you brake and release and brake again you get a creaking sound from the front end some were. Also after braking when you accelerate it creaks again.
Any ideas.
Without seeing it, the best suggestion I can make is slightly under-tightened bolts on the "P" bushes. If you can almost feel the creaks through the floorpan, this is it.

If it's just a matter of the creaking noise without feeling any movement, then I'd suggest your front calipers may be sticking slightly where the pad "ears" sit on the caliper yoke.
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Thanks. You can feel it in the floor. Plus on the MOT the only advisory was osf brake slight bind. Are the bolts meant to be do to a certain torque?
The short answer is "darned tight". 76Nm for the front eye bolt, 68Nm for the longer bolt at the P bush and I think possibly less for the shorter one (it's not listed separately).
Nice one thanks. Is that with the cars weight on the wheels or not.
Ideally on a four post lift but the P bushes don't swivel and are usually the creakers - you can put two wheels up on the kerb and shimmy under. For the front eye bushes you might try a pair of ramps.
Ok so just gone to have a look and the bolt that goes into the p bush with a 13mm head was not even tight, there was a 10mm gap between the p bush and the sub frame. I think I might have to buy some biscuits for the MOT inspectors guide dog!! Some I went to tighten it up put very little pressure on it and it snapped off!! The other side looks ok but should I repalce both sides at the same time to make shore or is one side ok. Also is it safe to drive to the motor factors to get the new bit?
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What a pain in the arse this has turned out to be.The p bushes both looked a little worn so I decided to change them both. I started on the side without the snapped bolt first. I couldn't get the arm off at first then I had to cut the old bush off, then the new one would not fit back on so after a little filing and a little copper grease I tapped it on with a hammer. Big mistake. Now I have had to go out and buy a new bottom arm to replace the one that has a p bush stuck on it and will not come of. But on the plus side I will end up with two new arms and p bushes that should last a long time and will hopefully stop the creaking sound. I will report back tomorrow when I have managed to fit it all.
Thanks for the help. I changed the wishbones and cleaned and greased to brake and now I have no creaking at all ya

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