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cooking oil
Anyone used cooking oil in there 1.6 diesel engine? I used to use a 50 50 mix in my 1.6 diesel non turbo vw camper, it was great.
The lift pumps on the HDi dont take kindly to anything more than a 30/70 mix of veg against dino diesel.
Why I PSA didnt factor in bio-diesel use I dont know (older PAS XUD donkeys work fine depending on which pump you have - even Lucas Roto pumps work ON, but can suffer early death due to seal failure).
Colder weather also affects the mix ratio as veg oil is more viscous and puts more strain on the lift pump.
[Image: 03329.gif]
so would you risk it? at 30/70 or even 20/80 in a new engine. Could save pennies but cost pounds......Exclamation
Wellllll, I did run a 2.0 DW10 on about 20%, and some supermarkets now are pumping 5% veg oil diesel but if it was mine I probably wouldnt risk it.
DW8 and XUD's on the other hand, well some of the stuff I ran my old XU on you would be surprised! (old hydraulic oil, old engine oil, creosote, SVO, WVO, lamp oil, kerosene and so on).
Just dont ever run hydrocaringe through the fuel system, they dont like it.
[Image: 03329.gif]
thanks, guess reality is it cost me toooo much to risk buggering it up at this stage in its life.
I wouldn't use any veg oil in a HDi, mate. Bio is fine but veg oil will kill any direct injection engine.
2008 (58) Berlingo Multispace XTR HDi 90

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