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Rear windscreen wiper fault

I need some help about repairing . So, when i try turn on the switch for rear wiper, it just move for only a few millimeters and then stopped moving. The relay turn wiper off just a few seconds later (i heard it). I tested a relay with weaker fuse (5A instead of 15A) which was burn out in the moment when i turn on rear wiper. I also measured the wires and they are OK.
What is the reason, maybe motor of rear wiper or mechanism is jammed? I also start repairing of the mechanism, but i don't have right tools for unscrew the screw.

Any suggestion how to repair this failure, when i will remove the screws.

Thanks to all

[Image: imgvijaki.jpg]
[Image: img6978.jpg]
[Image: img6981.jpg]
Hi there,

the screws you refer to are not screws but large Pop Rivets, the only way to remove them is to drill them out.

I recently had to replace mine and drilled them out and used nuts and bolts to refit it. You can get the rivets from the dealer but you would need a heavy duty rivet gun to put them in so that's why I bolted it back on.

The motor assembly is probably jamming and you would be better looking for a replacement unit rather than trying to repair your old one.

You don't want to be having to keep messing about with it as it's a pain to keep removing it and putting it back on again.

Hope this helps, Dave.
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