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Dashboard electrics cutting out, but turn on over bumps?!? Help!

Apologies for posting straight away Wink

Just getting her ready for MOT - changing discs and pads.. Already changed filters, oil and battery...

Suddenly this morning - dashboard, radio and windows started flickering during driving!! As if the key had been turned on and off - speedos now stuck and stereo and display are off Sad

However - very strange!! - When engine revved or sometimes over a bump or brakes are pumped hard all of the above springs back into life...

Im hoping this is a known issue - maybe a dodgy connector?!? or a connector coming undone..

Anybody have any experience of this?

(By the way, all engine bay electrics still functioning - she starts drives and the lights work etc.. And fuses seem fine)

I'm hoping just a loose connector behind the steering column or maybe something like a connector loose in the engine bay - proximity to the engine vibrating or the like.

Please help!! Smile and Hello!


It sound like a dodgy connection or a chafed wire.From a distance I can only suggest you check everything in sight,earths as well.Good luck.:thumbsup:
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy

Checked all fuses I can see without buying a haynes manual..

Took her down to the stealership for a quote.... and they said get a new BSI that will be £500 pounds!!

Will try and send for re-programming - anybody have a link to BSI location and removal? I have done a search but nothing obvious on how to get at it!!

Many thanks
Personally (and I claim no great expertise here) it doesn't sound to me like your BSI needs reprogramming. Have you tried the BSI reset first? I would still go down the dodgy cable/connector route. I think you're going to have to dig further than the fuses I'm afraid.

Stupid computer!
Security system should not fail safe!
Security system should fail dangerous!
Hi and thanks for reply!

The problem is, that I can't do a BSI reset as the drivers window is fully up - and the window switches along with the dash, display and radio do not function... So I cant put the window down!! Other items listed as being on the steering column fuse box are functioning though..

Don't think the dealers really checked properly tbh..

Should I just buy a haynes manual and check every fuse?

The MOT runs out on the 10th Sad

Other than the fuse box in the engine and under the steering wheel, where should I check?


Have you checked the connectors to the fuse board? Not the fuses or the fuse holders but the actual connectors on the edge or behind the fuseboard. Have a look up behind the steering wheel and see if anything is loose up there as well.

Stupid computer!
Security system should not fail safe!
Security system should fail dangerous!
This is almost certainly nothing to do with a faulty BSI. The dealer probably knows that too.
If the display is intermittent on a bumpy road then as has been suggested, the cause is likely to be
a loose/corroded connector or earth There are quite a few earths to check and you need to remove each one
and refasten it preferably using new shake-proof washers. HTH
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