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1.6d ticking noise
Hi all,

I am getting a little worried with my berlingo, it is a 1.6 hdi model.
It ticks quite a lot, even from start up.
When you have the passenger window open and go past houses or fences you can hear it more.
I have had the glow plugs replaced and also have run through some injector cleaner and no difference.

Would anybody have any ideas? I am getting worried and I have a couple of long trips to do soon.

many thanks

What does this ticking noise sound like? Is it continuous, does it increase and decrease with engine speed? I've noticed mine occasionally makes a clicking type sound that doesn't seem to change with engine speed, it's never got any worse and I've done a good few thousand miles since I first noticed it. I noticed my air filter box seems to have quite a bit of movement in it and it sounds like the clicking is coming from the back of the engine bay when I've heard it so I suspect it's probably the air filter box vibrating thats causing the noise in my case.
My noise does go up and down with the engine revs. My air box was loose as well as the bracket had broken but got a new bracket and thats ok now.
It kind of sounds like tappet noise but not sure what that could mean

Check for leakage around the injectors?
Its not something silly like a piece of grit embedded in the drive belt?

If you could isolate the noise it would help-sounds silly but some earplugs would allow you to hear only the ticking up close or even a length of broomstick pressed against the engine in various locations and 'listen' with the other end pressed against your ear.
at a guess injector blowing - any oil around the injectors?

I've just investigated further.
I took the cover off the top and listened. It sounds like the injectors ticking and the left one is slightly louder than the others.
Also there is a bit of oil round them, but not sure if from them or from the other thing that sits inbetween them.

Is this helpful?


Hi mike sound like you are on to it but you need to read this post
Hi, cheers. I have read that. Sounds worrying.
I.might take it to the garage and see what they say. Could cost me a bit then
Hi Martin - just noticed I called you mike in my last post!!!!! haven't even had a drink yet lol

if you have caught it early it could just be the one injector needs to come out and the other 3 just nipped up. But I would still flush the engine and change the oil and filter to be safe.
I did wonder why, but I didn't question it......

ok - hope that's all then. I'll see what the garage say about it and when they can have it. Hopefully soon as its due on a few long runs soon.

also the oil and filter only got changed in jan.

thanks for all this.

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