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White Smoke at start up
Hey Guys

I've just joined the Berlingo family last week and have bought a 2004 Berlingo Van!

I have noticed when trying to start it sometimes needs 2 tries and when it does start up there is a cloud of whiteish smoke coming out and it is a bit lumpy until I rev the engine a bit, once driving it is fine no smoke on acceleration etc etc.

On a side note while driving it sounds a little like an old vw camper when accelerating, is this normal or does it sound like there is a problem with the exhaust?

Van details:
2004 (54 plate)
Berlingo Enterprise 600
1.9D (No turbo just the straight diesel)
95,000 miles

Apologies if any of these have been asked before, I did have a search but couldn't find anything similar.
If it sounds like a volkswagen it could be a loose injector
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If it takes a couple of attempts to start, smokes when it does and runs lumpy first thing I would suspect at least one glow plug has failed.
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Glow plugs aren't used when it this warm.
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My glow plug light is still coming on in the morning. How warm is "this warm"? Bearing in mind it was frosty yesterday too where I am, it could still be glowplugs.
If replacement glowplugs don't cure it get the valve clearances checked.

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(01-05-2013, 04:39 PM)steve valentine Wrote:  Glow plugs aren't used when it this warm.

The 1.9 always needs them first start doesn't it ? My light came on the HDI yesterday morning as it was frosty here as well.
So where does this bit go then ?
Thanks for the replies folks.

I've got it booked in at my local garage for a service and a health check next week. From what he said when I spoke to him he agrees that the glow plugs might need replacing. It has got nearly 100k miles and it is nearly 9 year old.

Regarding the noise when driving it might be down to a gap where the exhaust joins the manifold, until next week ill just pretend I am driving a vw combi!!

Every diesel I have drove the glow plug light has always come on at start up, admittedly I haven't drove one newer than an 07 mondeo.
It's not come on for about a month on my 2.0hdi. I guess it really is always sunny in Yorkshire :whistle:
Somedays you're the pigeon, Somedays you're the statue.
I'll bet it's the valve clearances, inlet valves closed up.
Hope your garage checks these for you.

1.9d glowplugs always come on for a bit even when warmish.

Cheers and welcome.
Adam..2003..1.9D..LX..Silver Crew Cab Van.....
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White smoke is that a new Pope Confusedtudy:
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