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Front end knocking
Hi everybody.

Another little niggly noise which i am curious about as the old MOT is due this month. There is a knocking noise on the front end over rough road. Have checked everything is tight around the suspension and there doesnt appear to be any worn items to the best of my limited knowledge. To help diagnosis i have got a video on the the youtube and the noise is really apparent at around 1 miunute onwards.
Either balljoints or P-bushes by sound; it can be really hard to detect visually at times until you dismantle.
Drop Links.
had both wheels off and had a good mooch around and give all bits a yank and bang about and couldnt see anythin lose or worn. as said may have to start replacing obvious easy bits as a process of elimination. hopefully will pass this months mot and show advisory items causing the knocking.
I sent OP a PM about this to see if he had resolved it as I've been hearing same noise from my van. I had no reply from him so decided I'd bite the bullet and replace the drop links this afternoon. It turned out the nearside droplink was causing the noise, it looked fine and it was only when I took it off was it obvious the dust cover was knackered on the lower ball joint and it had lots of play in it.

[img][Image: 8914940819_11e36ee7f5.jpg] Untitled by Stufaz1972, on Flickr[/img]

I had to change the nearside one with the wheel still on, it looks like the nuts have been fitted with an impact wrench and I can't get them undone. So far I've broken 2 sockets whilst trying to undo them with a telescopic wheel brace. I've managed to slacken one off but the other 3 won't budge :brickwall:
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Get the blow torch on the bolt first. Usually helps Confusedalut:
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As Steve says heat them up or attack the nut with an angle grinder. Even if you do manage to loosen them the ball joint will probably turn with the nut.
Sorry, wasn't clear what I meant I got both droplinks off and changed, but can't get the nearside front wheel nuts undone.
Get an impact socket; use with a 1m breaker bar. Wear eye protection.

As an FYI, if you end up having to dice the hub and hub carrier because the wheel is just too stuck, most are the same as Xsara or 306 with the matching engine.
Also try using an impact wrench with the socket on .... heavy hammering stubborn things, at last an excuse to beat up something on a vehicle without getting told off !

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