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Front Wing
New here so hello to all.:wave:
I have a Berlingo Van that has a falling to pieces front wing. I think it had been smashed before I bought it and had a repalcement wing on. I have ordered a new wing and now just need to figure out how to put it on.Confusedcratch:
Is there anyone here can give some good advice?? I have a Haynes manual but it doesn't mention front wings for some reason.

Many thanks!:thumbsup:

Hi,I can't tell you how to fit it,but if it is a pattern one,strip off the primer & start from bare metal.Some of the paint/preparation is diabolical.Good luck.Confusedalut:
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
When the new one arrives study the hole patterns -that will give a clue to where the fasteners are.
Obviously take the wheel off and cover up the running gear.
Put a coat of underseal on while the new wing is off
If the old one has been spot welded for some reason you could drill out the welds
I recommend against using wax to fix your wings. History shows it as a poor choice.

First up, put the front on stands both sides and remove BOTH front wheels, then BOTH wheelarch liners. This is not necessary if you're a pro but will make it simpler for an amateur due to improved accessibility. Disconnect the blinker repeater plug, and ease out the repeater light. Prise off the small moulding strip between wheelarch and door - expect its three clips to break (they're cheap). Recover the plastic ferrules if they're still in the holes.

Now, disconnect the washer bottle electricals and remove the washer bottle. You can now see on both sides, the hex bolts securing the bumper front section. Take them out. Remove the two T-20 self tappers threaded into the underside of the wheelarch lip and through the bumper's trailing edge. Now remove the 13mm headed hex bolts - one per side - holding the bumper side portions to the shell. From memory you can leave the grille in place; the bumper should now pretty much fall off at the offside, and be hung by the tow eye on the nearside.

With the bonnet up, remove the quarter turn slothead fasteners to the scuttle half, and also the companion T-20 screws. Remove the wiper nuts and wiggle off the arms. Remove the scuttle trim.

Every bolt now holding the wing on, should be accessible and reasonably visible. You'll probably want some extensions to your sockets for the ones in the door jamb. Where it may be bonded on with sealant, slice through with a thin putty knife.

As Haynes like to say, "RITROR"...

I recommend brushing contact faces with something like Waxoyl during reassembly where you are not using polyurethane sealant and the matching polymer primer.
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(06-05-2013, 08:04 AM)addo Wrote:  I recommend against using wax to fix your wings. History shows it as a poor choice.

The current UK heatwave is sure to be very temporary- it shouldnt be an issue for him...
Your giraffes must be loving it right now - they'd feel like they're back home on the veldt.

I forgot to instruct our man to remove the blinker proper.
Well I thought I'd go about removing some of the driftwood from a ditch this afternoon - but Im not so sure it could be freshwater croc's:eek:
Freshies are no worry. It's the salties that are cunning blighters. They'll stake you out and wait, sort of like door-to-door evangelists. :twisted:
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