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Rear quarter panel wiring
Looking for a live wire in the rear quarter to supply an additional 12v socket I'm adding to the blank plastic Trim. It's a Mk2 2006 multispace and here's what I have [Image: y9unanyd.jpg] anyone have any idea. I looked at a post that stated numbers on wires but they didn't seem to correspond to markings on my wire. Cheers Callum
The large yellowy-beige one looks promising. Where does it go to?
That's what I thought with it being quite beefy. It's run into where the rear lights are and where the wires run up to what I assume will be the interior light and maybe the brake light and demist in the tailgate
It could be a demister feed. Any numbers between the asterisks?
Yeh says *811*
Doesn't tally with the demister circuits, from memory. Might be the extra feed that someone else mentioned recently.
Get a multi-meter with sharp probes.
No idea what the beige/yellow one is got sharp pointed multimeter ran it over battery to test and read 14+v running. But when on cable nothing and even tried it with demister button on but nothing. Seems odd for being such a chunky cable too
Just been out there writing numbers down off cables hoping someone can point me in direction. Here's what I have *8450*8051*2200G*289*520A*A07A*811*2630*2101*M302G(which I guess is earth judging by colour being green/yellow)
Could it be a harness for tow bar wiring?. There might be fuse position for it but no fuse fitted ?.

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