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faulty speedo and bad cold starts
Hello everyone! I bought a 2.0 hdi Berlingo back in February; had an initial problem with an injector seal needing to be replaced and a new cam belt put in just to be safe (just clocked 100,000 miles). It seems to be running fine now, mostly.

However, over the winter I did have issues starting the car on cold mornings. The little 'coil' light would pop up on the dashboard very briefly but that didn't seem to help. I read that re-activating this by switching ignition on and off again can help which did work sometimes. Anyway, that is no longer a big issue now weather is better but it still isn't quick to start and I'd like to know could be the root of the issue.

The other thing bothering me lately is the speedometer dropping suddenly in the middle of driving now and then. It will be fine for days or weeks at a time, only to suddenly plummet to 0, and to jump back some minutes later or flicker back and forth.

Also, I bought the car off some not particularly bright sparks and I think they must have filled the oil up too much as it is above the maximum. Sometimes the - - - - - - warning for oil was coming on when I started the car - this was happening a lot for a week or so recently but I haven't seen it lately. Restarting the engine or starting again later and this was gone and generally I get the oooooo full oil indicator now.

This is my first car so I'm not that savvy with self maintenance but if something is reasonably simple I might have a go or ask a friend. It would just be handy to have an idea of what might be doing on, I have heard electrics can be a bit dodgy in these cars. It seems to drive well apart from all that, though not convinced it is doing great MPG-wise.

One more thing...this was knocking about in the boot when I bought it, still not really sure what it is, any ideas? See image:

[Image: 5y7wq8.jpg]

That's rare! An original wheel chock for changing the tyres. I think two came per car.
So it's a wheel chock! I've been scratching my head about it for two years....
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I would say glow plugs is your fist port of call for the starting.
(19-05-2013, 07:04 PM)addo Wrote:  That's rare! An original wheel chock for changing the tyres. I think two came per car.

Aha, I own a chock! Excellent, thanks for that.

Glow plugs you say...I'll have a look into if that is something I can do.

Any ideas on the speedo front? I'm a bit worried it might be an issue at the next MOT. Can the sensor wear out or could it just be faulty wiring? It's strange how it's so intermittent as it seems very accurate when it is working. I've heard it can get dirty which would make sense as my injectors were spitting out diesel/oil when I first got the car.
I've had a faulty sensor on a Xantia gearbox before now. Local specialist replaced it with a s/h one for a fiver and labour costs (probably another fiver). I can't vouch for the Berlingo though.

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bye the way the wheel chock clips into your spare wheel and bolts up under your car
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