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Water system pressure
Hi Guy's.

Ive been running my berlingo van for a few days and noticed that the water pressure was forcing it's way through the little hole in the headder tank.

I started by filling it up (thinking it was just a knackered cap) but i've just noticed that when I start the engine and try to squeeze the top hose I can at first but after about 5 minutes I can't so I'm thinking that the water has a blockage somewhere. Can someone tell me if I am thinking right and if anybody has any ideas? the temperature gauge dosn't get above mid way and the heaters work fine (Well, after about 10 minutes) so I'm thinking that the thermostat is'nt the problem.

Any help please???

Many thanks in advance

Water won't pass through the top hose until the thermostat opens and the pressure won't build either until the system reaches temperature, I doubt there is a blockage.
Is it still losing water ? Was it over full to start with ?
Yes, it's still loosing water and when I brought it, the black plastic housing ([Image: $T2eC16FHJHEE9ny2pwkgBRE4BCsMgQ~~60_12.JPG] had an hole in (which I replaced), so I refilled the water system then..


This isn't good. It's a fair indicator of a blown head gasket, presuming you bled the coolant fully.
(20-05-2013, 12:10 AM)addo Wrote:  This isn't good. It's a fair indicator of a blown head gasket, presuming you bled the coolant fully.

Well, I have bled the coolant system through the heater return pipe (the dust cap nipple).

Surely if the head gasket had gone there would be less pressure because it would be going into the oil ports??

Head gaskets dont always blow water into the oil. Sometimes they just pressurise the cooling system excessively. Look for a bleeder screw on the thermostat housing, too.
How big of a job is it to do the head gasket?? I've never done a head gasket before..

Thanks again

It's not a small job. However I'd first make sure that is the cause; you can get the coolant tested for combustion gases.
Also as above, make sure the bleeder pipe from the cylinder head to the header tank is clear.

Ford on the diesel Escorts, years ago fitted a metal insert into the header tank to make sure the plastic tank inlet wasn't blocked when the pipe was clipped to the tank. The only trouble was the metal rusted and blocked itself. It gave the symptoms of c/head gasket blowing into the water system
right... I'm not convinced that it's the head gasket..

I have taken the hose off (from the rad to the thermostat) and filled the header tank and clean water came out, I then plugged the hose and filled up the header tank and clean water came out of the thermostat housing.

I then connected everything back up and started the van and the top hose started to pressurise.. now for the bit that makes me think...

there are only 2 hoses that seem to have pressure in them (when you squeeze them) which are the rad top hose and the rad bottom hose (same size).. none of the other hoses seem to be pressurised (i.e other hoses from the thermostat housing & hoses going into the header tank)..

I'm thinking of a blockage or something.. Can someone please tell me if I'm thinking wrong...

Many thanks in advance.


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