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Front Brakes Binding
I have a 1999 Berlingo 1.9D I have only just got it, i brought it as spares or repairs. it needed the head gasket doing as it was blowing bubbles in the header tank. That was all done and i got to take it for a drive for the first time, and after about 5 mins of driving the front brake bind on. I have cleaned all the carriers up and the pistons in the calipers move freely, first thing in the morning when i get in the van i have to pump the pedal a few times as it goes to the floor. Then once they work the pedal is rock solid and i have to touch it with a feather for them to work. Any suggestions. Thanks
Bleed them as there must be air in the system somewhere. Start with the rear nearside, rear offside, front nearside and then front offside. If the pedal floors first thing in the morning I would not trust them to keep working all day without pumping and probably failing when you need them.
So where does this bit go then ?
I wouldn't be driving it with dodgy brakes! :eek:
Somedays you're the pigeon, Somedays you're the statue.
I will bleed the whole system tomoro and see if that makes a difference
Bleed the whole system... Still the same. Could it be the master cylinder? Thanks
My experience is that it's often corrosion under the piston dust boot, just before the piston seal proper. You need to ease out the piston (massive amounts of pedal pressure and a "catcher" block of wood inside the caliper) then lightly polish off the corrosion, grease with rubber grease and reassemble - replacing any torn or weathered dust boots. A full bleed thereafter is required.
Good tip with caliper pistons ^^^^ Cheers Addo

Master cylinder was my first thoughts. Pedal falling to the floor and needing pumping is the biggest clue you've given us all.

Mind you it's easy to say when you are spending someone else's money.
That and the flex hoses (which at about £8 each won't break the bank). Master cylinder is easy enough to check for external leakage by easing it off the booster and looking for escaped fluid.

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