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Lack of power now and then
I have a 1999 Berlingo 1.9D I have only just got it, i brought it as spares or repairs. it needed the head gasket doing as it was blowing bubbles in the header tank. i done the camblet at the same time. ive been driving the van for a week or so now and have notice that sometimes it really lacks power, and other times it can be fine... sometimes changing from 4th to 5th i actually lose speed quickly, i also have a front brake binding problem, i know this will effect it but it feels alot more of a problem then just binding brakes as sometimes through the revs it holds back then picks up and feels almost as if it has a fuel blockage. Any suggestions
Try a new fuel filter and see that's there are no air leaks into the fuel system.

Check that it is the front brakes and not the back ones that are binding. the front caliper carrier pins have to be perfect or they tend to stick.
I see from your other post that you have a problem with the brake pedal in the mornings which it seems the system needs bled again.
I will order a new filter now and change it tomoro. It is 100% the fronts as i drove it to work the other day, got the whole van off the floor and the fronts were red hot and wouldnt turn at all. I have cleaned all the front brakes up making sure the pads all move freely and the calipers when all bolted together. Thanks for your help so far
are you using veg oil or normal diesel ?,is it randomly loosing power or is it when revs are low,it could be contamination in fuel or pipes, injectors, filter, leaky pipes air or a blockage.
i had some red laying about that i used for my boat i had brough a month ago so put that in (5-6 litres) just to try it, then since then i have put about £20 worth of diesel from shell in it. It just randomly lacks powers, it comes and goes during driving through out the rev range. i will check all pipes tomoro when i have to van that they are all tight and no leaks ETC
Re sticking F brakes. If all is free calliper wise,it could be the flex hoses breaking up internally & acting like a valve,holding the brakes on. I have come across this many times.Confusedalut:
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
Filter changed, all fuel lines checked + injectors. Still the same. 5th gear i lose speed rapidly. Could the pump be a tooth out?

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