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Filters, hoses, plugs, warning lights..
Dear forum, I'm back, and with a new Berlingo! I used to have the mk1, I sold it, but liked the car\van so much, I bought a new one! This time, it's still a 1.4i petrol, but it is from 2005. With a\c, so no need for the cool but oh so noisy flappy roof!

I picked it up yesterday, it seemed to run sweet, no bad noises, no leaks, brakes in a straight line, goes in a straight line, and no rust, in particular. So I took it, drove it home happy as a lark, but half way home the check engine-light popped up in the dashboard. And it didn't run as sweet anymore.. :brickwall:

So I've been worrying all weekend so far. I bought myself a new petrol filter, a new air filter and new plugs. Forgot the start gas, though, to check for leaks in hoses, guess I'll have to break out either the magnifying glass or go buy a canister of Axe deodorant..

Anyway, could anyone point me in the direction to the petrol filter? Have had a peek from above, but can't see it? Also, with the new engine, have the plugs and airfilter changed places from the old one?

And thanks again to the forum, keep up the good work!
petrol filter is underneath near the fuel tank. Awkward !
you will need to get the fault code read and reset if the engine light is on. If you don't get the fault code read you are clutching at straws really.
It's well possible the coil is dying on one side. That will usually bring the orange light on. If the "fault" occurs as the engine warms up, it's a good indication.
The fault is now on all the time, and the coil was changed about a year ago. The local dealer will read the fault codes and we'll see where we get from there..
Still crossing fingers that it's a spark plug problem, or a leaky hose in the engine bay..
Still having problems, and still waiting for my paypal-account to get unlimited so I can order my obdII-scanner to get rid of that pesky engine warning-light. No way am I paying £90-100 for some garage to scan it and delete the code, and as far as I understand the first reading won't tell me much if a new error-code doesn't show its ugly head at once after the deleting of the error-codes. Which means £90-100 again :censored:

Furthermore, I refuse to pay some garage £130 for changing my spark plugs. Yes, I know, it's dear to own a car in Norway..
Therefore, dear forum, can you help a Norwegian out? I have attached some photos, or, I'm trying to. And I would love it you could tell me what I need to disconnect to get to the plugs. I tried the other day, I yanked one of the hoses out, and some petrol came leaking out. Not alot, but enough for me to pack it in and go home :wave:

What do I need to remove of the marked stuff on the picture? Help, pretty please :whistle:

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I'm sure it's no dearer than owning one in Australia. Excepting the block heaters and snow tyres, of course.

See the lagged (insulated) hose with yellow squeeze clips on its ends? Remove that by squeezing in the yellow bands and pulling off the barb fittings. Disconnect the two wire black plug which is piggy-backed onto this hose. Also disconnect the smaller hard plastic canister purge hose which plugs into this yellow-ended hose on the left end.

Remove the plug from your manifold pressure sensor (black connector on Bosch component, to upper left of first photo). Tease its wire away from the clips on top of your coil pack.

Disconnect the light grey wire feeding your coil (forward centre).

Disconnect the four wire plug going into the throttle body, forward right of your picture.

Now you can see the 10mm headed bolt holding each end of the coil pack down. Remove both bolts completely. Note that on the right side, there is a suppression capacitor in a black plastic "block" that needs removing from the bolt as well.

The coil pack will now lift up; don't be violent but it does need a firm steady pull. I use a little Teflon grease on the spark plug porcelain when refitting.
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So, small update:
- fitted new brakes (discs and pads), got rid of vibration
- fitted new spark plugs (done at garage, thanks to addo, but I could never quite figure out how to get them out..)

Result: result! The engine light went away, even though the garage tried to convince me that the lambda sensor had gone, as the fault code read lambda 1. No one thought to write the fault code itself down, this is what I was told. The "dead" points while revving are gone, the idling is back to normal, and when I fired the van up today - the engine light had died! Hurrah!
Cost: brakes+reading fault codes (and turning off the engine warning light) + plugs + oil and filter = £500 (roughly). Which, in Norway, is quite cheap!
£500!! That's about the price of a decent bottle of whisky in Norway, isn't it?
Anyway it's a widely known fact that all Norwegians earn at least £3000 a week!! LOL!!
[fon‌t=Tahoma, Calibri, Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif]The Older I get the Better I Was!  Cool [/font]
Probably not much more than many garages in the UK depending on where you go of course.

1.4 what portion of your repair bill was tax ??? We get charged 20% tax in the UK .

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