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How to Replace Sliding Door Pin into door handle mechanism
Thanks to this forum, I've managed to replace my Citrogen Berlingo sliding door pin that I've purchased at eBay.
Problem: Door handle pin broken, causing door handle flap left & right. Can only be open from the inside.
Purchase parts: Goto

Dismentling is easier than assemble.
There is NO need to remove the entire sliding door.
I will not go into details of removing the internal door cover. Therefore once the cover is removed, you will see the entire door mechanism. Simply follow my step-by-step photos.

[Image: 1sgysp.jpg]

From the above photo, simply detach the 2 long rods by the curved ends.

[Image: f539qq.jpg]

From the above photo, simply removed the 2 screws.

[Image: 2s5zj7k.jpg]

Before you detach the black door handle (as seen above), open the sliding door and slowly remove the 2 tiny "catch" by the side of the door. The parts labelled above, no. 1, 2, 3, 4 are important parts. Pls take note of all the positions and sequences before you remove the center pin.

[Image: 2v941li.jpg]

From the photo above, you can see the broken pin. Slowly removed the pin together with all the 4 parts.


[Image: 33wnr5c.jpg]

From the above photo, replace your new pin and slowly insert according to the sequence and position as shown. You can also refer to my previous photos when dismentle. This is the most difficult part and you might take a while.

[Image: 33ldnki.jpg]

From the above photo, after ensuring that the new pin has inserted and all 4 parts are in position, you can attach the black door handle back in place as shown. Make sure that the 2 tiny "catch" are in place. Don't forget to secure back the 2 screws.

[Image: 2rze6au.jpg]

From the above photo, simply attach the 2 long rods by the curve ends. Make sure you know which rod to which hole, they are different.

[Image: 244tlow.jpg]

From the above photo, simply attach the ends of the rod to the metal and tiny black "catches".

At any stages, it would be advisable to take a photo so that it helps you during assembling.
The whole process would take about an hour.
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ive just finnished doing mine tonight.not to bad a job. done the other side about a year ago as it was gone when i brought the car.i broke most of the door panel clips though gettin it off so need to get some of those now.
They're cheap; have a look on Fleabay but make sure it's the exact type.
yes got mine off ebay .they came from poland with a quick delivery. i brought 1 and they sent me 2 (nice ) so it came in handy tonight.

sorry addo i thought you ment the pins. ive just had a look on there for the clips and there is 100s of them not sure which ones to get yet.
A bit fidely getting the new pin in but satisffing when done.

My Berlingo broke 2 Pin! but it´s more cheap than a mechanism for 70€ on CItroën.
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Very helpful thread, thanks! Job done in just under an hour, no need to kick cat.
I start to buy the all handle. It's cheap and mine has a every day use, so i change one every year.
Many thanks . Bought new pin off e - bay .
I bet the tricky part is to put it all back together .

Now that I have renewed the new pin .the door worked ok until I got back to the mot centre .
Then steed working .luckily I had left the panel off .so could operate for re mot . Got through ,but now does,nt work ,until I push one of the rods back back by hand .works fine for a while , then stops working .

Any ideas as to why would be very helpful. Grrrrrr grrrrr
Hi everyone. Was hoping to fix my door today using this thread and the pictures above with the pin already purchased. Dead chuffed when I managed to get the door panel off only breaking one clip - adapted an old fork as a clip remover! However, my interior doesn't quite look like the above photos and I cannot work out the first step - doh! It looks impossible to unhook the rods as they curve right around. My issue is with a 53 plate, driver side rear sliding door. Is it possible to get to it from the outside as I can't even see the black door handle? Please help.....

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