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Harry Potter and the Cloak of Invisibility
OK, so I'm not called Harry, nor is my surname Potter, but it might well be.
Years ago when driving a bright red car, a Rochdale Olympic, I had problems with apparently being invisible to drivers of Volvos.
Then, Volvos lost their popularity and were replacaed by 3 series BMWs.
Now, in 2013 the *ankers (substitute b or w as you see fit) have taken to driving Range Rovers.
We seem to have an excess of these people in our neck of the woods and avoiding action due to Range Rovers desiring to occupy our carriageway is commonplace. Surely a blue mettalic Berlingo is very visible? - well it seems to be to other road users.
Anyway we seem to be enclosed in an invisibilty cloak.
I also drive a road legal, taxed and insured mobility scooter which permits me to drive on the public highway although at the reduced speed of 8mph max. I guess that once a week I have abuse from Range Rover drivers both male and female - some of the language is quite ripe.
Are Tracey and myself alone in suffering this problem?

  Berlingo XTR HDi110, Tivoli Blue, Modutop, MyWay etc etc
Unfortunately it's a common trait with Chelsea Tractor drivers et al.
£50,000 car,20p brain.
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
I think it's also an unwanted outcome of good driving.

You pilot the car along smoothly and many people have trouble assessing its speed on the road as you approach - so they embark upon rash adventures that compromise your safety. This is the main reason I drive with my headlights on all the time.
I drive both
[Image: 24g96ie.jpg]
Its the drivers not the cars.
[+] 1 user says Thank You to eame64 for this post
A few years ago when I was out in our Mini I narrowly avoided a collision with a woman driving a Discovery. I came round a bend and was faced with her coming straight at me on my side of the road so I swerved onto the wrong side to miss her and drove through the puddle that she was avoiding.
So where does this bit go then ?

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