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hi folks just a quick one,fitted new rear bottom engine mount today which involved removing the driveshaft to get to the 16mm bolts that hold the mount housing to the back of the engine,there for obviously gearbox oil all came out,just want to know how to refill it where exactly on the gearbox is it??..i can see a small plastic white slide ontop of the gearbox with a nut underneath it,maybe flywheel inspection hole not sure not looked yet but all answers/help appreciated thanks....2005 berlingo van 1.9 diesel.
Remove passenger side wheel, remove plastic liner, large bolt on rear of gearbox halfway up is the fill up point. Fill until oil seeps out as its also the level indicator. Holds about 2 litres from empty if i remember correctly.

If you've a long term interest in the van drop the oil thats in there (square drive 8mm i think) and put some synthetic oil in (£10 per litre). Makes the gearchange smoother.
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Please do check the specifications of the oil you intend buying before spending any money as some synthetic oils have extreme clinging properties and will not reach any component that requires any sort of splash lubrication or indeed some will even refuse to creep / wet by capiliary action.
The same can be said about " oil stabilisers " such as that made by Lucas for example.
ok thanks guys much appreciated!
hi Guys,
i am a taxi driver and need help with my Berlingo 1.6hdi automatic(BERLINGO M-SP AIR VTR E-H)
bought the car which was a write-off (Year 2012 and Mileage on car is 5000 miles only), the car is not covered under warranty as it was repaired in a non-authorized Citroen garage.
i am having the below problem.
-while coming to a sudden stop the car misses gear and comes to neutral, i then have to move the gear to N and again put on Auto. Car also throws "Gearbox Fault" error on the screen while driving at low speeds(between 15-30 miles/hr)- any suggestions what could be the problem
- Second- where and how do i check the gearbox oil level
- Third- How do i change the gear oil
- Fourth- what oil is recommended and will be good to change the filter as well

Any suggestions and help is welcome. Thanks you.
Hello Pankaj, welcome to the Forum.

I cannot help with your problem but if you were to start a new posting for your gearbox fault then it will get more views and more replies than being tagged on the end of another topic - it will be more visible to people.
Good luck with it, I'm sure someone will be able to offer advice.

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