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help needed 1.9o 04 reg
right only started other week on fire up sometimes it sound a little noisy
u start driving,its gutless then eml comes on then noise stops goes back to sounding fine and light goes out.
not storing a fault on diagnostics

sometimes this noise will not happen for weeks,then it will happen 6-7 times in a trip it seems when noise is there is goes real sluggish,the main time the noise hapens is if im doin short journeys its intermittant no smoke etc maybe misfire down a cyclinder dodgy glowplug?

now ive had fords before and similiar fault was air in injector my van has 188k is due service in 1k any ideas also the rear door doesnt open from outside is this a cheap fix ?????
The rear door - does it not unlock, or doesn't the handle work?

For the motor, things to check would be the in tank strainer, fuel filter, EGR valve as a start.
handle doesnt work had rear card off the push bars look tempermental push down when they want to 30 attempts it wrked twice is this cheap enough to do

as service is due im doin fuel filter but it sounds like air in injector after a min n fooring van no smoke noise stops andwill stay away for min then if i let up throttleor stationary it will come back max its lasted is 2 miles and then stops but eml isnt storing faults so ant be a major thing can it ?
Symptoms sound similar to my vans last year that turned out to be the solenoid valve on the fuel pump.

Have a look at a previous post of mine that went into more detail.

Good luck
starts every time no trouble i work in security and have just done kent and back this week and thetford 3 times form cambridge didnt miss a beat or do it started up to go shops 1 mile away this mrning and it did it again then stopped after few seconds

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