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Speaker cut-outs in front door cards [M49]
I don't know if the M59 carried on this detail, but my M49 door cards came with the "short pocket" that has no speaker mount (or hole). On the rear of each card is a neatly scribed circle, located centre of four riser lugs that project backwards 20mm from the door card inner face.

When you trim to the scribed line, a 6½" speaker almost fits flush against the card. However, I think it needs to be spaced out slightly anyhow as the allowed depth isn't much (I have a pair of Xantia door speakers to go in).

There are also punched oblong slots in the door shell that correspond to the four moulded standoffs; one can press fit ordinary nylon screw anchors in there. Citroën's part number for the anchors is 16 087 223 80 and they should be 20p or less each. I centred the four standoff holes by gently starting with a 5/16" bit to get a centre indent (it fits snugly in the hole), then through drilling with a 3/16" bit.

My line of thinking here, is to find some sort of universal/generic grilles, some grey carpeted MDF spacers and screw right through the grill base, spacer and into the nylon anchors with (say) 6G×45mm SS self tappers.

EDIT: My "build"

Has anyone tried similar adventures?

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