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berlingo horn and airbag fault! Com2000
Hi glad to see there a forum for berlingo
Hope it become a good resource

Sometime ago my airbag light came on when all through the contact cleaning
tricks and tips fix it for a while then it can back fixed it again then it came back intermittent then became a permanent fault
Now I have a none working horn arggh!!!
Taken the airbag of taken steering wheel off clean the Com 2000 rotary connector no joy. I know a new Com 2000 is a lot of pennies for a common weakness of the component.So any good suggestion ?
Also I was thinking I might put the horn on a press button switch on the fixed part of the steering wheel cowling. Can anyone give me an idea how and where to pick up a live feed from?
Any ideas will be appreciated
By the way its a 1.9D 2003 berlingo in Spain Smile
spares are very expensive here as are also the breakers
I have a 1.9 2003 berlingo too and have had the airbag light come on twice, it went when i hit the horn at someone pulling out infront of me on a roundabout one time.

I've not had a problem with the horn before but have you checked the fuse for the horn? In the Haynes manuel it says it is in the passenger fuse box and is F17 should be a 15A fuse

Hi Lliam
Thanks for the reply
Wish it was that simple the Comm 2000 are a know problem several people have got away with a little of WD40 sprayed into the rotary connector beneath the steering wheel or cleaned up the horn connector beneath the air bag
unfortunately mine is more terminal I'm hoping someone has be able to isolate the fault on the circuit board or connector ribbon or suggest a bypass?
These unit are here it Spain $350 to replace
Hi i need to know how to take the horn spiral coil out. i have removed the plastic dash trims around the steering column but i cant see how to replace the horn spiral coil. does any one know how to do this.

Hi Jock
Have you taken the the horn spiral cover of and prised out the centre core
This where I have got stopped also there what looks like a push fit clip arrangement that fits on to the circuit board but I am concerned that if by too much pulling and prising it will snap (Result £250 com2000 unit )
Here are some picture of the similar unit taken out of a 406
unfortunately the Aussiefrog thread
is gone at the moment :-(
Let me know how you get on?
I have now successfully remove the spiral coil
and found where its broken as it leave the centre core
Shame on you PSA !!!! a really bad design
now working on a repair hope to post some photos up soon
Its a pig of a job.But hey if successful learning a lot and save a pocket full of money
I have successfully repaired my comm 2000 unit
Cost zero - A soldering iron scalpel and a lot of nerve
Now airbag light is out and horn works I am well chuffed
I will shortly post up some photos of how to do the repair
May have to talk with moderator as to how to do so on this forum ? ;-)

Read this thread by Andre and you can upload you pictures without much hassle as I was going off to photo bucket to upload


53 plate Berlingo Multispace Forte 1.9D Polar White

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