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Considering a Berlingo
I'm considering buying a Berlingo. :wave:

After a happy 6 years in my Skoda Fabia vRS I'm looking for a new car. The main reason is space. The Fabia is spending most of its time with the rear seats down and full of tools for the allotment, or with a couple of bikes squashed in.

I was initially looking at a van, but really would like more than 2/3 seats. There are a few "crew cab" vans, like the Vauxhall Combo, but really, a Berlingo Multispace seems to have all the advantages of a van without any of the disadvantages.

I guess I'm looking for an affordable Mk3, that really means under £7k and it'd be nice to have at least a few months manufactures warranty on it. I'm not too bothered about levels of trim, as I plan to keep the car for a long time, I tend to see extra features as extra things to go wrong! I like the Mk3 as it's a little larger inside and the seats can be removed easily. I'm pretty much set on a diesel.

Early days on my hunt for the right car - can anyone give me tips on what to look out for?
How do Berlingo alternatives stack up? I'm specifically thinking of the Peugeot Partner. Are there any other comparable car/vans?
The Partner is the same as the Berlingo, just with another badge. There´s the Fiat Doblo which is quite ugly, not sure of any others.
How much is the fish?
There are the Doblos, Combos, Renault Kangoo, VW Caddy, Ford Connect (Bit smaller), but imo none of them beat the Berlingo when you factor in price, comfort and whats on offer, and running costs (including repairs!).
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Maybe a daft question, please bare with me!

I've found two potential cars, this private one and this one from Citroen.

They are both similar age, and mileage, same engine and I'm not too bothered about the spec difference between Forte and Desire. But what about the £1800 price difference? Worth it to buy from the dealer? How much movement's possible on such prices? I've never bought a 2nd hand car!
The one the Citroen dealer is selling is the better specced vehicle and is being sold with a 12 month Citroen Select factory backed warranty so that explains the difference in price whereas the Forte is sold presumably without any warranty, is a lesser spec and looking at the reg vis-a-vis is 12 months older (2006 v 2007).

Your choice but I know where I would be buying from for peace of mind.
Berlingo Multispace 2.0HDI '54 reg Mediterranean Blue
If you buy the private sale, do an hpi check first to ensure no outstanding finance & car has not been written off. Cost £20.50. Main dealers always charge top book but you get warranty, finance if required & you know its hpi clear, ie you pay for a service. Buying private is(& should be)always cheaper.
Doblos are heavy on front tyres and brake components and cost a lot to service. Our business has one as well as a Mk1 Berlingo and out of the two, the Berlingo is cheaper to look after, as well as having a nicer driving position. edit to add that the cargo version (van) is both Overpsrung and somewhat underdamped in my opinion leading to it feeling a bit skittish and unpredictable in bends. The berlingo, on the other hand, corners very well for a van.

In the Doblos favour is the fact that it goes well in 1.9 diesel Multijet form and returns excellent economy.
How about this immaculate looking one from a forum member?
2005 Berlingo Multispace 1.6i Desire (Iron Grey)

If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.

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Thanks, Chris. That does look great. I'm seeing a few tomorrow at a couple of dealers near me. Are there any specific things I should be asking about/looking for with a ~06/07 Berlingo?

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