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BSI Reset doesn't work!
Hello guys and gals.

I was coming home from work this evening and pulled into a petrol station to fill up. When I came back to the van it wouldn't start and sounded like the battery was dead. Luckily a kind soul helped me push it off the forecourt and we jumped it off using his car..............

As I was driving home, the red battery light came on, along with the warning beep, but then went off again. Then just before I got home it came on again but stayed on this time.

Once home, I removed the battery and put a spare one on. Then the van struck up first time. Once I'd killed the power and tried it again it wouldn't start. The ignition was making a clicking noise when I turned the key............

''Ah, the BSI reset procedure should do the trick'' I thought!!!!!!
So I followed the BSI reset procedure 'TO THE LETTER' and it's still not having any of it!!!!!!!!

Got a big day of work planned for tomorrow, but somehow I can't see me getting it done :-(

I just wondered if any of you guys had any ideas what I could try?????

Thanks in advance fellas, Confusedalut:
you need to test the voltage at the battery first it should be 13v not running and approx 14.5v running.

It if battery ok I would say starter motor or bad earth connection.
Check your main earth and + connections. But to be honest it sounds like a flat battery. :thumbsup:
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depending on where your decimal point is on your tester.....12.5 (12.50) v is OKish, however, 12.6 (12.60) and above is good, a low voltage reading on you battery is just a first indicator that there's a problem, a amperage test should follow to finalize the diagnosis, you will need a amp test gauge for that measurement. For a battery, I recommend Eurocarparts, I used them yesterday at their Carlisle branch, their Exide / Bosch brands are cheaper than all the other suppliers.
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Thanks for the replies guys.

I gave the battery a charge, popped it on and it struck up first time without the need for a BSI reset. Problem Solved.
You need to find out why the battery went flat. Battery ready for dying or charging circuit fault? Too many very short journeys not giving the battery chance to be recharged?
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