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Harness multi plug
Got a berlingo van 1.9d on 51 plate. Developed a starting problem so replaced glow plug relay - no improvement. Replaced glow plugs - no improvement. Was advised to look at harness multi plug (circular one between battery and bulkhead). Opened her up to find terminals corroded and one burnt out. Whats the best way of dealing with this? Obvious option seems to be to get a replacement from a breakers (if poss) snd splice all the wires but seems a tricky task identifying each wire from the barely legible numbers. Anyone got any better advice?
the burnt out wire, just put bullet connectors on that one, save splicing them all?
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I agree, Steve.
Seems easiest option.:thumbsup:
yep good one....... easiest thing first....... a nice bit of wd40 on the plug may help retain effectiveness of connection too???? Smile
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Thanks for replies gents, problem is I have no wiring diagram and dont know which wire(s) go to which pin(s) in the connector. Is there anyone out there who could identify the appropriate wire if I said which pin in the connector is duff?
(14-05-2011, 08:45 PM)darrenchadwick Wrote:  multi plug (circular one between battery and bulkhead).

You mean BSM?
You mean BSM?

Sorry for being a tad ignorant on the terminology. Honestly dont know the correct name but have heard it referred to as harness multi plug before. It is circular, black moulded plastic, about 50mm across, it sits in a metal plate fixed to the near side inner wing. Its got numerous wires running into it from both sides and can be seperated by unthreading a plastic locking washer/nut coupling. Inside are numerous flat pins. The wires in are not all the same colours as those coming out of the connector. Several are green, an orange thick one, a grey one, a yellow etc. With some effort and a magnifying glass I could identify the numbers but to splice the offending wire I would need to know which pin it went to. Without cutting into the moulding and destroying the plug theres no way of knowing without a wiring diagram for said connector.
Is there no one on this forum who has a wiring diagram for a Berlingo? Would a Haynes manual tell me which wires go to what pins on the multi plug?
Give service box a go (link can be found in the Berlingo Resources section) [Enter your vin in the service box], otherwise, give our MK1 section a go.

I have MK2 wiring digrams, but im not confident on the similarities.
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Here's the wiring diagrams out of the Haynes manual.






Good luck.

YB :wave:

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