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Remote locking help
Hi, my name is Rob. I've recently brought a MK1 Berlingo van 2002 HDI. When I brought it the remote wasn't working for the central locking and the key only locks individual doors.
I opened the key fob and discovered one of the button had a broken solder and was a bit dodgy so brought a repair kit off ebay.
Once fitted the new switch all the locks worked by pressing the key fob but only for a day.

I can't understand why, can anyone help me out? What fuse under the steering is for the locking?

Also I have water coming through the interior light, how can I stop this please?

Usually water through interior light leaks in through the aerial base
not familiar with mk1 berlingo locking
is it infra red or Hf radio ?
I know on older models(Peugeot) with infra red the sensor was above the interior light and also got wet when the aerial leaked
as I say I am not sure but others here may know :-)
as for the aerial ,provided its not broken ,I usually remove and reseal it with silicone sealer or similar
My Mk.1 (1999) at least uses Radio.
Don't know where the antenna for the lock is, but the controller is supposedly hidden behind a wall panel besides the rear passenger seat, on the driver's side.
(On models where the BSI is just a block of connectors, no electronics. May also be on just the 3 door and models with one sliding door?)

Does it not work at all, or partially?
(Will it unlock all doors if you use the key in the lock, or just that door?)

Anyway, the leak is from the aerial base, and should be a pretty easy fix.
You may need to remove the shelf to get access to the nut holding the aerial, but no big problems, really.
Thanks for the replies guys.

The key has no infra red light so I'm guessing it's radio waves. My van has a passenger side sliding door as well as a double rear door and obviously the two front cab doors. The key only operates single doors not the whole of the central locking. I've ordered a new Duracell battery for the remote (even tho it's had a new cheap one in) just to rule it out.

I'll remove the aerial and check the connections are all good before I reseal it with clear silicone.

What fuses control the locking system?
2002 has the (HF) central locking in the BSI from memory - no separate box.

The water ingress is likely knackering said BSI - would be good to reseal it. I'd recommend against silicone, preferring a good clean of the mating faces and a light smear of black Sikaflex.
Sorry I'm being thick (again) what is HF?

Is the BSI in the upper lining near the interior light?

Cheers for the advice on the aerial. I'll use Sikaflex.
HF = High Frequency. I think 433MHz is popular with systems like this.

The BSI is the fusebox, or rather, the fuses are on the back of the BSI.
It's a bit of a fiddle to get it out and especially to get it back in, so unless there's any sign of moisture near it, I wouldn't touch it.
Told you I was being thick!

Argh in that case I've looked around the BSI and all seems well.

Also wanted to asked the best way to remove the interior light? The one above the dash.
Right so I got home last night and fitted the new battery in the key fob. The remote works but intermittently. The radio does't work great (crackly signal on some stations)

Does the radio aerial also receive the signal for the remote central locking?

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