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Winter Chills?
Hi all!
If this winter is going to be anything like the last one I'd like to be ready with a 'snow screen' for the front grille (as referred to on page 150 of the Owner's Handbook). Trouble is my local dealer parts man says that they are "not listed" by Citroen UK. Does anyone know part numbers for these?
Vehicle is 2013 Multispace 1.6 Hdi Airdream EGS6.
Many thanks if anyone can help.
I remember a chat on here last winter, I don't think anyone found one, I think ive read somewhere they get them in Norway for the berlingo 3 so they must be out there somewhere
[Image: 2dedca76-4da1-4bd2-aea1-452ddda68256.jpg]
Have a look at this: 7429H2 Appear to be widely available on German sites.
2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP. Persamos green.

[Image: ab197646.gif]
You know, I live n Norway, and I haven't seen any 'snow screens' since I drove a GS!

That one really needed it, though, as it was air-cooled.
(All that cold air chilled the engine more than needed... Chilled the driver, too... )

On our Berlingos with water-cooling and temperature-controlled fans, I don't see the use most days...
Not counting the winter day I drove home from visiting my brother and his family, (he lives near Oslo)and had to cross over the mountains. It was -25(Celsius) over Dovre... (May have passed an area with -30, too, but I had only outdoor thermometers at gas stations to go by. They sold a lot of hot chocolate that day... )
The window washers had been frozen from before passing Lillehammer...
I drove most of the way in 4th gear because the 1.4i engine produced too little heat in 5th. (It would have been enough heat in a smaller car, or a 2seater, but the big cabin in a 5seater... ouch... )

Blocking snow?
Very little snow will get past the grille to block the radiator, and the snow that does get through will melt off pretty quickly anyways.
(I'm not unfamiliar with driving in blizzards... The day after I bought my second car, the CX, I drove 200Km, half of it in what could only be called a blizzard. The narrow back makes it a sh!tty car to drive on winter roads, but the perfect aerodynamics over the back window made up for it. As long as it moved, no snow ended up on it.)
I have seen a couple of Theese screens in norway. So They are avaleble .
My work wan drops to about 70*c in the winter. My fix is a pice of thick cardboard. And cut holes in it to i Get the desired temerature
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(17-08-2013, 10:46 AM)3rensho Wrote:  Have a look at this: 7429H2 Appear to be widely available on German sites.

Many thanks 3rensho! Finally got my local UK dealer to order one under your part number in spite of Citroen UK spares denying that such a thing existed. :thumbsup:
If any other UK members need one it is listed as a 'Bumper Plug' on the Citroen parts computer system.
According to handbook the specific purpose of screen is to prevent snow build up preventing operation of fan & I would have thought this would only happen when driving through thick powdery snow above grille level which would suggest screen should not be fitted for normal driving conditions in heavy snow as a matter of course or overheating might result. If one was driving in snow above grille level presumably snow chains would be need as well?
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