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Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon...
OK, here's where I'm at:

[Image: dme9.jpg]


I've removed all the clips I can feel around the aircon evaporator, but the halves still won't split. What am I missing - it feels well stuck around the TX area?

This was done because the carpet was filthy, saturated with coffees and antifreeze, also the passenger side was wringing wet underneath and clearly had been for a long time. Carpets are all scrubbed and hosed off now, resting on my panel horses.

I sincerely hope not to do another one anytime soon. This is old school car building, putting in the carpet first.
Do you have a decent inspection mirror with light?
Don't have anything that will give meaningful images there. It's quite restricted between the firewall and plastic box.
A decent boroscope isn't too expensive these days.
Mine has a 6mm camera diameter...

It has come in handy several times.

Just don't carry one and a cordless drill while walking near a women's locker room...
I should get one; there's a Snap-On borescope at one workplace but it eats batteries, so is seldom used. Might borrow it for this job.

Never been into voyeurism really; not much point in looking at things you probably can't ever play with.
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OK, the answer is: Two hidden clips of the same type.

On a Haynes spanner rating, this is 3½ spanners plus a large bag of epithets. Assumed you have already removed the dash and split off the heater chamber.

Step 1: Remove the blower motor (three screws) - unplug the drain tube from it
Step 2: Unscrew the pollen filter cover (three screws) and remove the filter
Step 3: Remove the firewall through nut and washers (one metal, one fibre)
Step 4: Remove the cold air intake mesh from the scuttle (one 8mm head self-tapping bolt)
Step 5: Remove the cold air intake duct from the box top (four screws)
Step 6: Pull the box into the car far as you dare and disconnect the drain hose from the box (Clic clip)
Step 7: Identify and prise outwards from the bottom lip, all detectable spring clips
Step 8: Push the TX valve sealing foam towards the firewall far as you can
Step 9: Use a small flatblade screwdriver to flick out the last two clips previously covered by the foam

You can now separate the case halves and remove them from the vehicle, leaving the AC intact.
See! There ya go, Addo it was a five minute job after all! :twisted:
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About four hours including dash out, first try. Reckon I could shave 90 minutes off it another time, meaning in'n'out with a scrub-up would be a £400 job with pollen filter, coolant flush and bleed. You'd probably throw in a new matrix "while you're at it".

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