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(VAN) Cabin Stripped Bare
A series of pictures that may assist people wanting to remove their carpet or just see the layout of stuff; not a gig for the amateur but nothing insanely hard either.

Photos will be added as reassembly continues in coming weeks.

[Image: 8oqz.jpg]

I'm preparing for carpet reinstallation here. The two 13mm headed bolts that earth to the underseat cross-rails have been removed, also the T20 which secures the handbrake switch is out and the switch itself removed. Wiring is also unclipped with a trim removal tool, from the centre tunnel just ahead of the handbrake.

This centre harness goes to the fuel pump and as such unless you're on a hoist it's easiest just to have lots of slack - rather than disconnect and pull forward into the cabin.

[Image: wp0i.jpg]

[Image: rcis.jpg]

[Image: gyt3.jpg]

The one immediately above, shows the mechanical adjustment for clutch pedal height - the rear 13mm head bolt is removed for ease of cable detachment. You wangle the pedal to get normal height then tighten the missing bolt plus the pivot shaft through bolt (mine was disturbingly loose).
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Have always wondered what the front interior would look like stripped there that elusive passage through for passing a sub woofer power cable through that firewall?

Big Grin
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I'll check more carefully. If there is something usable I'll try for a picture. M59 cabin sheet metal isn't too different.
Van seat mount - the pressed turret is the same, but there's no captive nut on the forward outboard horizontal part - just in the vertical face.

[Image: 5pi9.jpg]

Here, you can see the tunnel - like the toeboards/lower firewall - is a completely symmetrical pressing, even having redundant studs included.

[Image: pvka.jpg]
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Note in pictures above, the steering stub shaft and lower universal have been unbolted from the rack. Again, this greatly simplifies the carpet removal/refitting.

[Image: 9ef7.jpg]

Feed the carpet under the fuel pump wires, working from the driver's side.

[Image: 9boc.jpg]

For ease of carpet fitting as you slide it over the gearstick and up towards the engine, remove the dash brace brackets on the centre tunnel, and fit nuts to all protruding studs. Cover the nuts with masking tape to "blunt" them further.

[Image: g8r.jpg]

Refit your five securing plastic push caps onto the firewall studs and make sure the carpet is generally bedded properly.
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