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Mechanics Dream
Hi everyone I have just bought a 55 plate Berlingo 1.4 Multi space and the petrol consumption seems really high? I am currently working as a courier so multi drops but low mileage, I average about 10miles per day. I deliver light parcels so not much weight and have used £30 of petrol in 4 days?????? Also when it is stationary I can hear a buzzing noice coming from the engine (sounds like a garden strimmer) PLEASE can someone help and give me a clue as to what this might be ?
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helloooo is there anyone out there that can help?
Hang on Cathy....They've only just got back from church!!
BTW Welcome!
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Church? Is that where they talk about things like Deut 22:4? :p So - we need to help this Berlingo get up again...

First up, we have to define "fuel used".

The only way to gauge this, is to brim the tank, drive for a certain distance on the odometer, and refill to the top. Berlingo fuel gauges are famously inaccurate, also petrol 1.4s are famous for the ignition coils dying - this drops power appreciably.

The noise - I'd be getting it looked at. Could be anything from an idler pulley showing its age, to a timing belt that's off-centre, to the PAS pump making a racket.

For in-depth diagnosing the engine you need a garage with a "Lexia" or "Diagbox" computer. They're the only two which reliably talk to the car and provide the best information if there are any faults which leave a trace electrically.
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Hi Cathy
I'm a newbie and dont have a Berlingo, I have a Citroen C15
which shares the early deisel engine.I snuck in to gleam some DW8 related info.

I know nothing about the the 1.4 petrol but have been using van and motorbike forums
for years so heres some advice

Be patient, not everyone is sat at the PC poised to answer questions
it doesnt work like that.

most importantly;

The best questions get the best answers
the quality advice offered on any forum rises in direct proportion to the information given
Throw us a frickin bone here !

On a bike forum I use, the 'my bike dont go what do I do?' often gets a terse 'take the bus'
while posts with background info and pics/vids get closer attention and guesses at the problem
with suggestions for fixing it

So, you have an 05 van with the 1.4 petrol lump
and used about 5 gallons of fuel in 4 days and have a funny noise.
I'd suggest you fill in the blanks and give the guys who know the vehicle a
better chance to guess the problem

mileage, history, pics, vids etc
C15 interloper (I just snuck in one day)
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Hi thanks for the replies, well the useful ones anyway, I know absolutely nothing about cars, but just wanted an idea what may cause high petrol consumption ie 40miles £30 and if there were any known faults? I think my best bet would be to take it in. Thank you
A petrol engine van is not the best for stop start work . Stop,start, run a little, is sore on the fuel consumption that's why royal mail and all the other couriers use diesel , better fuel and less engine wear.
The number of engines royal mail went through a year when using petrol vans was unbelievable , they had there own dedicated mechanics just to recondition engines and when the last of the morris marinas where scrapped/sold off the work disappeared after buying diesels. The fuel bills dropped too.

My advice is get a diesel berlingo,
Hello Cathy welcome to the forum
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