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How much life left in these tyres?
I have a 2013 Berlingo 1.6Hdi XTR. At 6,000 miles I had my oil changed (as a result of discussion in this thread). The Citroen dealer suggested that my tyres were already about half-worn and suggested I should change them at the first (12,000 mile) service.

Should I assume this is just a ploy by the dealer to get me to change tyres early or should I be thinking about new rubber at some point soon? I'm now at 11,300 miles but the front tyres still look OK to my inexperienced eyes (see pics below).


[Image: i02w.jpg]

[Image: rtsu.jpg]
You're still clear of the indicator bars. Interesting to see, is the tyre specs in your first photo; tread wear 240. This is quite a soft compound.
Our Berlingo is just coming up to 25000 miles, it has just been serviced and there is 3mm of tread left on each tyre. The garage recommend changing before winter (I have checked the tyre safety websites and stopping distance on tyres this worn are alarming). It is going for MOT next week and they are fitting 4 new tyres but not Michelin. The garage has matched the price that I can buy them for and get them fitted using the Internet.

There looks plenty on those. I don't use the wear indicators as I believe 1.6mm is a very dangerous tyre in the wet. I change mine at about 3mm.
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I agree with Steve,1.6mm is not enough in the wet,but I keep them 'till 2&a bit, driving to allow for wet etc.:thumbsup:
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Its usual to change tyres tyres when they reach 3mm tread depth. The op can buy a tread depth measuring gauge from Halfords etc. I got just over 30k miles from my original set of Primacys by rotating all 5 around. I'm 15k into my second set of tyres, much cheaper Avons which are wearing equally as well as the Michelins. I rotate the spare across back every 2mnths then change front to backs halfway through tyre life. Leaving it permantly in the carrier will damage sidewalls eventually in my experience.
i've had very good results from Falken ZE914 tyres. Good balance of mileage and value and the performance is good.
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ZE912 fan here. Never mind the wear rate, a nice sticky all weather tyre.
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Different factories, I'd say. They're still flogging the 912 here with no mention of a successor. Ours are Korean or Chinese made. Yours may well be Japanese.

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