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Prospective Buyer from Chepstow, looking for input?
Gday, Im a big hairy smelly ginger biker, currently my wife is running a dog walking/boarding/day visit 'feed the animals etc' thing. Now we have a 2005 Mondeo Estate, tdci, its been great with the 145bhp 6 speed, BUT, its not really practical for whats going on with the mutts, we need a squarer vehicle with the ability to carry dog crates etc, you get the idea.Wink

Now, we need a million mpg, NO inherent faults and when it breaks I need it to be fixable with a malletConfusedillyme:. Now, that may not be possible, but all this computer rests and DPF stuff frightens me to death.

I am pretty handy, used to be a fiat fitter back in the late eighties, repair and service bikes here from my workshop, but the diagnostics aint my bag.

Comparisons please with:-
1.9 OLD tech Diesel?

Budget of approx 3-4k, shes fussy :whistle: though so low miles and clean bodywork is a must too.

One more thing, My wife may run local a fair bit so if anyone thinks the Petrols may be a better bet, please speak up, I have felt that the diesels weve had are more frugal once up to temperature, also the issues of clogging stuff up like the Cat and DPF? is more likely on a local run diesel. If so, which petrol models, within the above budget, would be the better bet? I do tow a bike trailer occasionally and carry canoes on the roof.
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Hi toast muncher welcome to the forum If it was me I would get a really good 1.9 derv for that as you aint going anywhere fast with dogs in the back and its all short journeys. They go for ever just need sevicing which is easy enough on them. A turbo diesel would be nice but not worth the hassle if you are only local and the 1.9 should get you 40/45 mpg all day long.
Good luck with the search there are plenty out there.
Ps have a look at the ved rate between a van and a car version as you get ripped of by the dvla. If you can get by with a car version with the seats removed you can save yourself a few quid and the seats are easy enough to take out and put in.
Are we there yet????? No we fecking ain`t  gggggrrrrrrr
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
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Hi from another rider of two and three wheels! The diesel will be fine as long as it gets and good fast run
weekly. The older, slower, bombproof, 1.9D doesn't even need this.

Here's a few. The one nearesrt you at Nick King looks good for a low miler or the one above.....

And some petrol models.....did you know that you can get a motorcycle in a wheelchair adapted car??

Finally the 1.6TDi. Buying one of these I'd like to see a fullish service history although a low mileage car in very good condition should be OK also. Oil changes with the right oil at 6000 miles will contribute toward general engine reliability.....It's what I have and I love it!!

Anyway welcome to our place and hope you find something that'll do the job to your wife's satisfaction!! She'll love driving a Berlingo, by the way!
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Thanks, it would need to be a car really, a mark two I guess, not the later gen 2, guess thats out of our budget. My Father in law only just ditched his ZX 1.9d after 12 years use, about 1997ish, he was getting 60mpg on a run and was always reluctant to replace it due to the complex nature of modern stuff. Im guessing the 1.9 doesnt have a dual mass flywheel?

OJ, A three wheeler? Erm, symetrical or offcenter, like mine?
[Image: 883440_628024273890128_671895113_o.jpg]

Winter hack is.........................
[Image: outfit007.jpg]

What Fun!!!!
I have a 1.9D and it is excellent but having said that the clutch pedal is rather heavy so have a test drive in one just in case it becomes a problem with local running / lots of gearchanges.
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I have updated my post!! They're all cars though!
OFF topic ALERT!!!
I have one of these:
    Click on the pic!!
That's actually your's truly at a watering hole!!
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That is a massive piece of kit.
If you're talking about my trike Ad....the bodywork is all ABS and the whole thing
weighs in at about 330 kg fuelled. So not as heavy as a big Harley!
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Hello toastmuncher and welcome to the forum
                                     Smile  It's too orangey for crow's It's just for me and my dog  Smile

                                                        Heart Heart Love a lot trust a few  Dodgy

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Just off to see a 1.9 Peugeot Patner

AND a FIAT Doblo

Neither a Belingo, however, open to input chaps.

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