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oil ,fuel air filters all changed xtr 110 bhp
wanted to service my xtr 110 bhp diesel , so went to citroen crayford who i think always give me a deal with a bit discount , so all the filters 5l of the proper oil , £98 all in . first the oil easy as there are access holes in the mertal undertray to remove sump drain plug , so that was easy , now the dreaded bits , heard all kinds things have to be removed to change air filter , utter rubbish , trunking unclip the primer pump remove 3 x screws ,top box slides out and its job done , fidley yes , but not hard , now the scarey one , diesel filter , had car facing slightly down hill , thought this might help ,stop diesel draining back ,filter is just a box , unclipped all old ones and fitted to new one , had about 40 pumps on the primer nothing ,could not here the fuel squishing , now released the fuel cap , and a loud suction pop as i did , now done 20 slow presses on the primer , and i could here it filling , cranked it over , started then stopped , DAMM a few more pumps on the primer 2 attempts and BINGO she started and was running fine , now i had a warning come up and engine light stayed on , took for a run still on , came out this morning fired up perfect and all warnings had gone light went out , so job done , and 20 mile drive seems perfect , i was worried about doing these jobs , but glad i did .
2010 1.6 hdi 110bhp XTR
When I removed the air filter on my XTR 110, it wasn't the difficulty of the job that was the issue, it was those damn 3 screws were very stiff coming out and because of the limited space would only turn a quarter of a turn on the ratchet
Most screws once you get them started you can undo them by hand, but mine needed the ratchet all the way out

Before putting them back in I squirted them with a bit of PTFE spay, so hopefully it won't take 40 minutes to get them out next time
yea what i did instead putting the ratchet in the end , on my mini socket set , i inseted a sqaure end bar and used a small spanner which could turn 360 degrease , job was made bit better .
2010 1.6 hdi 110bhp XTR
I'll try that next time - the correct tools always make it much easier

Remember in the past doing a clutch on a Classic Mini - the slow job was always the last two bolts because they were down the bottom with not enough space to get any normal tool on them - had to bend a spanner in to a curved shape and still they would only move a couple of mm at a time

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