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[Engine] Sluggish 1.9d
Hello everyone, I've just bought a berlingo 1.9d van & it's a bit sluggish & I'm just wondering if this is the norm for these engines, it's an 05 van with 108000 miles on it with no service history or any smoke or noises, it starts first time & sounds ok but a bit load on tick over although I've never had a one so I think there supposed to. When I get to a bank it begins to slow down but then holds at around 35-40 mph, It goes the same speed weather I have my tools in or 10 bags of plaster. The lad I bought it off said the last 2 mot's advisory's were oil leaks, one heavy oil which was the rocker cover gasket which has loads of sealant around it now & the other was the oil filter leaking, he said he put another oil filter on with new oil but never changed the air & fuel filter which is true & I've just noticed a rubber tube leading to the butterfly valve has snapped off but the valve is constantly open, don't no if this will make a difference, any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, thanks
69bhp and shaped like a brick. Sluggish is what it is.
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Thanks for your reply, I noticed another thread asking the same question, sorry I should of had a look around, I'm new to all this, thanks think I'll be putting it up for sale.
If it's sound,my advice is to keep it.They may be slow but very reliable.:thumbsup:
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I have one the same age and they can go reasonably well but will never be a rocket ship by its very nature.
When I bought mine I gave it a good service which helped a lot - new fuel and air filters work wonders.

Not sure what you mean with the pipe to the butterfly but I'd check it out just in case.
The pipe off to the butterfly valve will be a homemade egr disable, vacuum pipe removal! Leave it off, the flap is best always open. The engine breathes better.

Change all filters and make sure accelerator cable is tight. Should be better!
They are slow though....
But reliable......
Adam..2003..1.9D..LX..Silver Crew Cab Van.....
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108,000 miles??......Still running in then!! Get it serviced correctly by someone who knows these vehicles.
These engines go forever.
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I concur with whats being said about these engines,they seem to be reliable workhorses.Personally reliability beats speed hands down every time.My 1.9D 03 Multispace is now up to 218,000 miles.

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