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Berlingo petrol 16V abs warning light
Hi, just had an issue with the ABS waring light coming on whilst driving.
Done some checks and found out the following.
If the ABS warning light comes on whilst driving and stays on until you stop, but can be reset by disconnecting the battery and stays off until you drive again, it's most lilely a erratic wheel sensor/pick-up interface that's the issue.
If the ABS light comes on and stays on 5 seconds after starting the car (after the battery has been disconnected to reset the ABS light) then it's possibly a completely defective sensor going open circuit. The normal readings appear to be 15-22 Meg ohms depending on the position of the pick-up relative to the hub rotor. If you check the sensor then slightly move the car forward you will see the variance in the value. To check the rear sensors you will need to go under the car and you will see the sensor wiring attaching to the main loom on the rear chassis crossmember. Once disconnected you can check the resistance value to see if it's in the range 15-22Mohm. To check the front sensors you will need to open the bonnet and the nsf sensor is located just next to the ECU. The osf sensor is clipped close to the big red main 12V reset button next to the brake servo.
My issue turned out to be a chaffed sensor wire caused by it becoming detached from its mounting points and rubbing through the insulation causing the erratic ABS waring light to come on.
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