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[Steering & Suspension] M49 Hubs on M59
Hey guys. Anyone know if the mk1 1.9d hubs will fit a mk2 2 hdi ? I have wheel bearings gone and want to keep the van going while i Work on the hubs. Even any other hubs ie 206, 306, Picasso that will fit. I'm in Northern Ireland and there is next to none m59's being broke.

Cheers in advance lads.
Don't quote me but as long as the Mk1 is 1999 or later it could fit.
There are slight differences in the part numbers like the 2.0hdi lower ball joint is 18mm dia. compared with 16mm on the earlier ones.
best to check side by side. Confusedalut:
2006 2.0hdi 600 with bench seat.  Cool
Thanks for the reply rustscrat. I'll just see of I can one and test fit it and hope for the best. I read somewhere the m49 changed to a 18mm Ball joint so what your saying makes sense.
The other test is your disc specs - look at the Brembo aftermarket online catalogue. If the "hat" is taller on an HDi then the hub's internally splined section is longer.
Cheers for the info. I managed to get my hubs off and put two bearings in them in 5 hours and for £65 so didn't have to worry about buying another set.
Hi there, just wondering what method did you use to extract the old bearings and push the new in. Did you do it yourself with a vice etc or get someone with a press to do it? Did you have any problems removing the Drive Shaft nut? Just had one done at my local garage and they had fun undoing the nut. At one point they thought the Drive Shaft might snap off it was that tight. Finally after applying some heat it undid. Charged £110 including bearing. Took just under 4 hours. (One side).
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