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I'm an idiot! Petrol into a diesel
So after getting my replacement engine last week I end up putting £30 worth of petrol in the car today and drove it for several miles then noticed it was driving rough. Took it to garage then realised what I had done. Guy told me to fill the rest of the tank with diesel and take it for a run to mix it up. The engine sounded bad. But after filling it up with diesel it went back to how it was and drives fine, you could never tell. He thinks as I run the fuel down I should keep topping it up with diesel and I'll be ok.

Think I'll be ok?
There have been a couple of similar posts I can remember where the vehicles didn't suffer any long term ill effects so panic not :thumbsup:
Bet you'll never do it again :whistle:
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I got a fright and really thought I had damaged the engine when I realised what I had done and the sound it was making. Feeling better now that its back to normal but will feel even better when its all gone. I'm skint or else I'd get it drained.
Just keep filling with Diesel as much as possible to dilute it
Former 2011 Mk3 XTR owner Confusedalut:
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If it doesn't have a DPF I'd add two stroke oil.
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(04-11-2013, 08:22 PM)addo Wrote:  If it doesn't have a DPF I'd add two stroke oil.

is that to lubricate? is redex any good?
Glad you managed to get your motor back on the road after your earlier traumas! Hope you came out of the deal on the right side of happy!

'56 Multispace 1.6HDi - Iron Grey
(04-11-2013, 08:56 PM)pidgeonpost Wrote:  Glad you managed to get your motor back on the road after your earlier traumas! Hope you came out of the deal on the right side of happy!


Thanks, I'm happy with the service I got after all. They bought berlingo for £600 and took engine from that and they saw it had new clutch so put that on my car. £900 in total and I've paid £600 and can pay up rest. He's an honest guy. I have more power than I did from last engine and starts so well, you dont hear it turn over, you turn key and BAM it starts! Just my luck that I go and put petrol in it.
well i've been driving it and topping it up everyday with around £10 of diesel. But today it wouldnt start at lunchtime after an hour of not being used and eventually the battery died. Someone gave me a jump start and BAM it started instantly. Same thing happened at 5pm too but I managed to get it going before battery died. I noticed when priming it by hand that after a few primes at the top of the clear pipe there was a wee gap like air or something but no air bubbles in mix.
need some advice here guys!

ok so to update, I put £30 of petrol in diesel tank, was told to fill tank with diesel. It seems to run ok but I'm having problems at times starting it. Usually when left for an hour or so. If engine running and I switch off and back on no probs but after a wait its a bit of a gamble whether it wants to start or not. I told garage who sold me car that when trying to start it I could see bubbles in clear tube attatched to primer so today they replaced that with one from another engine they had. Did that and while I was there they guy I bought car from reversed car out of garage but he had a bit of bother trying to start it so it looks like it didnt fix it. He says see how I get on tomorrow and let him know tomorrow. i tired car an hour ago and it started but then failed. So am worried about using it tomorrow.

Any ideas what the problem is? Could it be a fuel problem? Fuel running back into tank?

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