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What does M-SP signify ?

My Berlingo is a 1.6 VTR M-SP HDI 90. I was expecting it to be in the £125 tax bracket (135 CO2 emissions). Turns out it is in the £140 tax bracket (150 CO2 emissions)

It seems that the M-SP part makes it different from what is listed in Parkers etc. So what else does this M-SP signify in terms of MPG, performance etc ?
Think it is just an abbreviation for Multispace.
Yes the M-SP is just a shortened version of Multispace

Have a look on your Registration document about the CO2 emissions

As you don't state your year of registration, I can't give you an accurate reply, but as an example see below:-

My 2010 XTR 110HP is 140g/km CO2 emissions, but it has a diesel particle filter which lowers it slightly from the non DPF engines and so it just falls in to Tax Band E (131 to 140g/km) and is £125 per year

A 90HP 2010 model without DPF is more than 140g/km and so would be in band F at £140 per year
Our 2010 XTR is £140.

I would rather pay the extra £15 per year than have to suffer a DPF

(07-11-2013, 07:56 AM)Romahomepete Wrote:  Our 2010 XTR is £140.

I would rather pay the extra £15 per year than have to suffer a DPF


I see. So it's the abscence of a DPF which pushes me into the higher bracket.

What are the issues with a DPF ?
Older Mk3 Berlingos are £140 tax & later ones have emissions lowered so fall into lower tax bracket. Mk3 110bhp, only available as XTR has always had dpf, the 75 & 90bhp got dpf's about 2010, I think, when emission figures were lowered. Theres no real issues with dpf unless the car spends its whole life in town traffic at 30mph. As long as it gets a run of a few miles at over 50mph every month or so it will be ok. The only other disavantage is that it might need replacement at considerable cost after a high mileage. Its purpose is anti pollution & I would think all current diesel cars now have them.

If your car is 90bhp in higher tax bracket it won't have a dpf.
Excuse my ignorance,but do the DPF equipped Berlingos use EOLYS fluid like the C4? If so, what is the replacement regime?
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