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Sump sealant colour?
Does anyone know the colour of the original sealant used by Citroen on the 1.4i engines?

I'm doing an oil and filter change, and because off earlier mess, I'm doing it a bit more thoroughly...
(Having the oil lamp blink now and then is also a good reason to be paranoid)

I removed the sump to remove any sludge in it, and also to check the oil pump.
The sump was sealed with a white sealant, and there was rather a lot of 'beading' on the inside, indicating that there had been used too much sealant, and that really indicates to me that this has been worked on before.

The sump itself was very clean, with none of the caked on deposits I expected on an old engine with 120K or more on it.
Oil pump looked OK, and the chain felt good, so I'm not doing too much to that.
I did remove the strainer, though and are giving it a good once-over in the ultrasonic cleaner right now.

Now I just have to scrape off all the old sealant in preparation of putting everything back together.
(I have a red 'high temperature' sealant I expect will do the job OK.)
I would think any good brand sealant specified for the job will be OK.Confusedalut:
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
Loctite 5910 if you want the dogs danglers, bit pricey though. :thumbsup:
2006 2.0hdi 600 with bench seat.  Cool
Rustscrat said "Loctite 5910 if you want the dogs danglers, bit pricey though."

I had to think about that as never heard that expression before ! Rolleyes

Must get out more
(12-11-2013, 02:27 PM)brodfather11 Wrote:  Rustscrat said "Loctite 5910 if you want the dogs danglers, bit pricey though."

I had to think about that as never heard that expression before ! Rolleyes

Must get out more

Thought it was more polite than "dogs bollo**s". Wink
2006 2.0hdi 600 with bench seat.  Cool
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Daan Sauf it's "the mutts nuts".:thumbsup:
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
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I was only curious if it was originally a white sealant.
The Red one I used looks nice, though...
(Untill it gets covered in dirt)

The strainer cleaned up beautifully in the ultrasonic bath.
I got the sump back on on saturday.
It's a bit of a pain to reach the rearmost screws when the front is up on rather low jackstands...

Swapped out the summer tires with studded winter tires and also topped up the coolant, while I had it jacked up anyway.
(Even remembered to install a new oil filter)

Haven't added the new oil, yet as I had to work with my garage door open, and the weather started getting annoying.
(My garage is 6 x 3meters or so, and the innermost part is 'whatever'. A stack of firewood, a circular saw, assorted toolkits, a shelf full of 4L cans of windows washer liquid, the remains of my old moped... I need a bigger garage... Still need to get my kayak stored under the rafters... )

BTW: Found a can of 'gasket remover' at a HW shop...
Man, I really wish I had seen that stuff earlier.
Like, one or two cars earlier...

Spray on, have a cup of tea, wipe off.

Don't bother trying the Hermetite gasket remover that comes in a tube, though. That's only good for paper gaskets.
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