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right i will give you the whole story, i have posted bits and bobs on here but this it
05 1.9d berlingo wouldnt start called the aa out he said alternator and replace batt, jump started me and i drove home noticed the eml light was on (prob do with the alternator i thought), left over weekend tried to jump start monday but nothing, charged the batt and got the vehicle to work where they replace the alternator and i agin put the battery on charge, put it on and eml light off car runs fine.........

it was service time a few weeks later so i had a full service and timing belt water pump change, belt was put on to tight so the mechanic came back and loosened it off, sorted i thought then when starting it cold it knocked on first few turns of the key then away it went, driving it back to work monday morning the eml light came on plugged in the code reader it came up with P0170 and P1351, cleared them down left it all day came to start it the eml came on again with these codes, seems to start better in the warm and if its primed, tested the glow plugs all getting 12v also cant seal any fuel leaks. My mechanic is scratting his head, can anyone advise please
also i have done the bsi reset, could it be the battery causing the faults
Well, starting at the beginning is the best think to do....that's quite a few problems, The battery/alternator have there own warning light, (a red battery warning light), however, the fact that your EML came on once the battery went flat initially tells me that maybe the engine management was affected by the low voltage across the entire system and it affected all sensors so it flashed up the EML. The AA man said it was a alternator and battery fault, he wouldnt have been able to asses the battery unless he Amp tested it fully charged, so he must have tested them once he jump started the engine, thats not testing a battery, cos its flat, and you cant test a flat battery. You need to sort that issue before trying to solve the others. Timing belts are made of Kevlar, they cannot be re-used, and if they are over tightened then slacked off they crack internally so it needs replacing. Knocking once starting up can be 1 or 2 or even 3 of your glow plugs are inop, the only way to reliably test them is to remove them all and connect 12v to each plug one at a time and see if they glow red, a continuity test with plug on bench or in head will not do. The knocking could also be a wrongly fitted timing belt, ( just been changed) your engine will run if its one tooth out on the belt and will knock when starting as the piston will be out of syn with the injector..the knocking could also be a melted or failed glow plug filament, it may have dropped onto the piston, online shops are flooded with fake glow plugs, the AA and RAC have warned about them, they drop off into your bore after a few hundred starts, buy plugs only from reputable suppliers and check the package for holograms.
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right thanks at least it gives me somewhere to start now, i wasnt sure if it was my bad luck that this all happen after the service or weather it was linked
finally sorted, the timing was slightly out since its been adjusted it starts fine and no warning light on the dash, just now have a belt whine seem to be rubbing on something
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It proves the timing has to be spot on or you have trouble.

Could be the auxiliary belt cover rubbing slightly giving you a whine or the auxiliary belt tensioner
Could that the cam belt is too tight. :thumbsup:
2006 2.0hdi 600 with bench seat.  Cool
i had a new serp belt fitted ,it squeaked for a week then stopped
03 1.9DLX van

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