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Berlingo intermittent cutting out
Hi there , I'm new to this forum.
I have a 1.6hdi berlingo van , I have been having problems where the car looses power and cuts out during acceleration , this problem is very intermittent , I changed the fuel filter and it went away for a period of about a month, but it is back and happening again , it seems to be worse now , but I managed to drive to a citroen and Peugeot specialist without the problem occurring .
They have done a pressure / leak test on the injectors and all seems fine .
Any suggestions ?

Many thanks in advance
If it went away with a fuel filter change try it again. They're not expensive. If it goes away then you know which area to look in. It could be that a slight air leak has developed or you may have a load of crud in the tank that has blocked up the filter.

Stupid computer!
Security system should not fail safe!
Security system should fail dangerous!
If its not your FF then check your Crankshaft sensor
Thanks guys , could it be a problem with the fuel pump also ?
It could be anything so just do one thing at a time ! Easy and cheap first !
Cheers guys , will change fuel filter again and see what happens
(15-11-2013, 11:20 AM)saffa365 Wrote:  Cheers guys , will change fuel filter again and see what happens

Any solution to your problem?

I had similar issues when i got mine first, would cut out when taking off or accelerating... found a joining connector on fuel line coming from tank where it takes a 90 degree bend on left hand side of engine..heading for filter housing
I dissconnected that joiner and blew back into tank with my mouth feeling alot of back pressure,, i knew the tank was in trouble so i dropped the diesel tank(actually very easy job) and took out gauge and found the screen in the tank totally gunked up with grime and grit..cleaned it all out and never had a fuel problem since..

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