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Mk 2 or Mk 3? Honest comparison, guys!
From those who`ve had both . . .the new has the funky shape, but the earlier has an airier interior which I still find attractive. (glass isn`t tinted. I hate tinted glass, it`s everywhere now.)
MK3 looks nice, better radio, smoother drive, quiter diesel engine, slightly better fuel economy.

But all a bit flimsier than MK2 - bodywork, doors, fan control, gearbox. Seems to scratch, mark and stain easier.

On balance I preferred the MK2 - it was a better workhorse.
Actually the Mk.2 does have tinted's a very light green.
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I had a mk2 XTR and that model was fitted with quite dark tinted windows to rear side doors and tailgate from new.
In my opinion the mk2 was a more convenient motor with decent door pockets and other bits and bats.
Got the mk3 now and it's ok but to a certain extent I regret selling the mk2 on. (Had a Picasso C3 in between which was very limited in many ways).
Are we comparing the van or the car?

If it's the car, then definitaly the Mk3

It's the reason I went for the Citroen Berlingo Multispace

It actually looks like a car, where as the other options like the Fiat Doblo or Renault Kangoo still look like boxy van derivatives and are hideous to look at

If the Mk3 still had the same body as either the Mk1 or Mk2, I would have gone for something like a Ford Galaxy
I preferred the size of the Mk2, exactly the right size, Mk3 is slightly wider, I think, but no comparison really, I find Mk3 a much better drive with more comfortable driver's seat but I did go from a 1.9d to 110bhp hdi.
As practical cars they have both been great,the MK 3 wins in looks and comfort.
The individual and removable rear seats in the XTR really help, also the passenger seat folds down flat so you can fit up to 8 ft lengths in the car.
The MK 2 was an ultra reliable workhorse for me while building our house but I still prefer the Xtr.
The MK3 I think is much more refined if such a word can be said of a Berlingo. The engine is much smoother, fuel consumption is better the ride more comfortable and the brakes are terrific compared against my old MK2. The side doors open wider on the mk3, it is about a foot longer so more space inside.
BUT for some reason I really miss my MK2!! Which I had for 9 years. Only had this one for 21 months maybe I will grow into it.

2012 Iron Grey XTR 110 with lots of bits and bobs.
I had a T reg thing years ago, the latest ones are much better in every way.
I had a Y reg (mk1) and I found it more comfortable and reliable, the mk3 has far to many electronic bits for citroens own good, I also personally feel the earlier ones were better put together, my mk3 has a new rattle somewhere nearly every week and some rust where as my old one had dents and bare paint that didn't rust, I also found the pedals better positioned for me in the earlier shape, the mk3 isn't bad though overall and im sure plenty of people love them.
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