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Towing a caravan
:wave:Sorry ladies and gentlemen, but i've been very busy of late, and the internet has been the last thing on my mind, anyway now i have my spare time back once again, i have a new question.
Here he goes again i can hear you saying, but the question, i have chance to buy a Coachman 460/4berth caravan, but with a 2.0 hdi fortee 53 plate, i was wondering what i can pull, so with the same type of Berlingo what type and length, weight are people towing:brickwall:.
i pull a freedom caravan, only 1/2 ton so no problems with my mk3 1.6 diesel, still get 38-40 mog on a run.
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Hi Gary, and Pete.
I am thinking of purchasing a tin tent, so any answers will be appreciated.:thumbsup:
have a look at freedom caravans , if there is only 2 of you, or shove kids in a tent. They are like eribas but nowhere near as expensive. But do hold their price around 1-2k mark. I`m very impressed with ours and its so light with todays fuel costs it has to be considered seriously. Only thing to be aware of is roof lining often drops down and has to be re glued.
2010 artic silver VTR with EXTRAS.......Confusedunny:
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Hi Pete,
We went to Freedom Caravans in Stafford yesterday.
Can't believe how expensive they are, new and 2nd hand.
£8k plus new and nothing under £4k used.
Certainly hold their value.
As you say, excellent little caravan, ideal for 2 people, but out of my price range.
Hey up Martin,
I am not being derogatory in anyway to anyone or towards Freedom itself. I have towed a van for more years than I can think to remember now (about 25 years).

My cousin, who was also a newbie to caravanning bought one and soon got shut as he did not take to towing.
A mate of mine had a Freedom van, to my thoughts probably about 15 years ago.
We both compared notes and found that the Freedom seemed rather heavy for what it was (Glass fibre/GRP) compared with a more traditional aluminium van. He also noticed that in the mornings there seemed to be a heavy build up of condensation inside the vehicle. The interior seemed a bit basic and spartan to me.

From what I can gather, it is somewhat of a sellers-market at present, with people tending to Staycation (the modern buzz-word) and holiday in this country rather than abroad.

The second-hand caravan market is a bit in short supply as demand has outstripped availability and I think that is why the prices are high.

Last time I had a look in the local seller's yard there was not a lot on offer and the prices too high for my budget.
We tend to buy as a long term investement rather than swapping and changing and have had our existing van (Abbey Lincoln 2-Berth) for probably about 9 years now, it is getting a bit long in the tooth but is still tidy and watertight, has a shower and toilet, fridge and gas heater though not up to the spec of more modern equipment.

We are now approaching high season so prices reflect this, usually get the bargains around September/October when people want to get rid.

Not sure about e-bay for buying something like this unless you can view before you buy, have a look in the Sentinel for local sales.

Have you tried more locally, we have had our last two vans from North Staffs Caravans in Silverdale, both second-hand. Other than that have no other connections with that company.

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Were going to go to NS Caravans today, but other jobs got in the way. (Not Berlingo jobs, either!)
Have looked in local paper, seen some bargains, but never followed them up.
Just need a little 2 berth for racing and odd weekends away.
Nothing fancy; just clean and dry.
Getting a bit old for camping, although still enjoy it.
Need a bit of comfort.:thumbsup:
(05-06-2011, 05:55 PM)j90xxx Wrote:  Getting a bit old for camping, although still enjoy it.
Need a bit of comfort.:thumbsup:
That is the reason we made the transition although we still have a small Vango tent for overnighters, trouble is I am getting a bit "creaky" in my joints these days plus having the heart condition so hardly use the tent at all....

Berlingo Multispace 2.0HDI '54 reg Mediterranean Blue
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thats why we bought a freedom, only 900.00 on ebay, visited to view and bought on spot. Yes they are not 6 star or 5,4,3,2, maybe not even 1 star but simple , practical YES very basic, but with washroom ,[ need portapotti] at this age in middle of night. Very comfy bed, cooker, fridge, lights, pumped cold water, and dryer than a tent. I didnt want a plush normal make as didnt want to have to worry about lending it to kids, dents, scrapes, etc dont matter. Over last 3 years similar vans go for 1-2 k . So you cant loose.
Never had condensation problems.
Good luck in your search
2010 artic silver VTR with EXTRAS.......Confusedunny:
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Could afford that price!
Been looking in the wrong places, obviously.
Looked on fleabay a few times and they were a lot more than 2 grand!
Dealer was taking the p**s. Nearly took photos of the screen prices, they were that unbelievable!
One looked at least 10 years old and was up at £3995...
He had a Conway 6 berth trailer tent for £4,500.
Need I say more?Confusedillyme:
Oh, and thanks Pete.:thumbsup:

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