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Another water ingress thread
My Berlingo sprung a leak around 6 months ago, since then I've tried all the common tips on the forum but it still leaks.:brickwall:

The water ingress shows up as a damp drivers footwell, passengers side is fine. I've checked up the back of the dashboard at the drivers side, it all look brand new up there, which makes me think the water might be coming from below, but I could be wrong.

Currently I have cleaned out all the scuttle tray and drain area; carefully made a water run-off under the scuttle tray using a heavy damp proof membrane polythene; filled the pencil sized hole behind the drivers wheel arch lining, fitted new genuine plastic citroen wheel arch fixings along with a dollop of silicone on each. I've also checked the aerial where it connects to roof, it looks healthy.

The car is an 09 plate so relatively new, with only 26K on the clock. It's parked on a slight incline with front pointing up. Could it be a seam under the car that's not water tight? Windscreen seal?

If anyone could shed any light on the subject I'd be very grateful. I'm getting tired of the musty car aroma.

Have you checked the rubber door-top seal, which is just glued on to the body paintwork? Ours was loose and perished, produced the same symptoms. Water was getting through, dribbling down the door pillar and into the footwell. Took me a while to track down, but an easy fix with contact cement.
Have you read this? :thumbsup:
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Thanks for the suggestions...

I had a look around the rubber door seal, it all looks securely attached to the paintwork, so no issues there.

Went out this morning, took the plastic interior trim away from under the drivers door and lifted the carpet a bit for the first time. Its swimming with water under there, mopped it up as much as I could and now have the dehumidifier on the case. Difficult to tell at this stage where the leak is as the carpet is so saturated. I did however spot a small dirty patch on the underside of the carpet where it meets a seam behind the pedals. Also, the water looks clean.

I think taking the drivers side carpet out might be the best plan to help identify where the leak is coming from. Is there an easy of getting the carpet away from the pedals? I pulled out the plastic screws, but the pedals seems to be screwed on through the carpet. Maybe its a case of cutting around these areas?

Would it be ok to drive with the carpet out (with a rubber matt down)?

I'd suspect the carpet is like S1 cars; placed in there before dash, AC, pedal box etc.

If you aren't worried about some discreet cuts, cut above the steering shaft, unbolt the throttle pedal, remove the console and slice longways down the guts. Of course the driver's seat will need removal as well. The pictures may be of use from that thread where I stripped my S1 interior.
When you have the area dry,sprinkle talcum powder around the suspected points.Leaks will leave a dark trail in it.ConfusedalutTongues,it doesn't have to be scented.
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Been back out today, after a bit of contortion I got the drivers carpet out. I wouldn't like to be a 60+ year old car mechanic having to do jobs like that! A good task for the apprentice maybe.

Thanks for the thread link addo, it made much more sense seeing it in advance. The Mk2 carpet looks very similar to yours.

Back to the drying out now, dehumidifier on full. Initial observation suggests the water may be coming from where the throttle pedal bolts through the floor. Attached image shows a dirty water mark coming from that hole.

Any tips for getting the rubber steering column gaiter back on into its hole? Its a bit tricky. Once I've done that I'll be able to get the hose out for a test along with my finest talcum powder! Big Grin


In my experience,a hose will often not replicate "real" conditions.
Whatever you find with the hose,wait until normal British weather returns to make absolutely sure.Confusedalut:
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