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Radio remote controls
My radio remote switches are not working at all ,is there a way to turn them on and of .i have just got the van and don't know how long they have not worked for .
It the ones on the steering wheel .
Silly question but it is the standard radio not an aftermarket fitting?

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That's not a silly question.I would think fitting an alternative radio fitting is the major cause of remote control problems.Confusedalut:
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(30-11-2013, 08:32 PM)crickleymal Wrote:  Silly question but it is the standard radio not an aftermarket fitting?

It's the original one
Is there a connection on the back of the radio for the steering wheel stalk .
I just can not get it to work
I fitted an aftermarket one in mine when I bought it so the remote doesn't work. I'm fairly certain there is a seperate connection on the standard stereo for the remote.
(19-12-2013, 08:23 AM)Tomcat3 Wrote:  Reading your other post I know there are 2 plugs on the back of the radio so some of the wiring must go to the remote but you will need a wiring diagram for that, perhaps rustcrat can help with that. Looking at this on fleabay wiring must plug in to the remote part so it may be worth checking connections at both ends.
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The radio remote works through the comms line so there is no direct connection.
Funnily enough I have the same problem. I've had it on the diagnostics and the signals are getting to the bsi, tried another original radio in, still same. Also done the bsi reset but still no cure. Will carry on with this fault when the weather warms up. Confusedunny:
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Problem solved. It turned out to be the display which I had changed from a 3 line green C5 one to a 3 line brown one from a pug 406.
Looks like the 406 one is not programmed for the remote stalk.
Works & reads ok with the radio controls though.
Changed it back for the C5 one and everything is ok.
Incidentally I did manage to simulate the fault on the C5 one by changing the display comm settings from "Van" to "Wired" with Lexia.
Would be worth checking this setting if you have access to Lexia.
2006 2.0hdi 600 with bench seat.  Cool

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