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Exhaust ( cat ) dropped out.

my exhaust has recently been dying a death. i patched it up with a steel pipe as the existing pipe has corroded right through. this happened at the front of the cat, my bodge seemed to sort out the loud jet like noise

yesterday the rear of the cat corroded right through and it ended up in the middle of my road...

basically my cat had dropped out...( mk2 2006 1.9D ) now ive decided to get it fixed properly.

after hours of research and not even knowing the middle box was a cat..ive narrowed it down to this part

can someone please confirm if this is the right part...will i need anything else to fix my ive also found this and they look different.

As you have a diesel engine you do not need to replace the cat, there are some exhaust pipes without a cat that will fit yours and still pass an MOT.
Hi there,

Brodfather11 is right I recently purchased a de-cat pipe off ebay and it was a fraction of the price of a replacement cat. My previous replacement lasted about 2 years before it rotted at the weld. That was from Euro Car Parts and was a React at £70 ish. The de-cat pipe was a far better build and looks just like it is a cat but has no inners. I found better MPG and it passed MOT in October no problems. Have a look at item: 150629292210 on ebay it might be a better solution than buying another cat. Dave.
[fon‌t=Verdana]Smile it's already happened! [/font]Big Grin
I tend to remove the cat from all the DW8 engined vehicles, as stated, they run a lot better and rev more keenly, I would estimate my C15 van has about 5 bhp more, this is quite helpful, as this engine is not the fastest thing in the world.[/i]
Does fitting a Cat less exhaust increase the emissions?
I'm just thinking, if I replaced the exhaust and blanked off the EGR valve would it raise the emissions enough to fail the MOT.

Thanks for the replies.

de-cat pipe it is then.

I WAS looking at the react from ECP and its now £110.

just bought a ramp from a guy down the road (off ebay) for £10.
will now fix this on myself.

whats all this about blanking EGR ???

man i love the internet...saves me a fortune.LOL
(03-12-2013, 10:14 AM)pieface Wrote:  Does fitting a Cat less exhaust increase the emissions?
I'm just thinking, if I replaced the exhaust and blanked off the EGR valve would it raise the emissions enough to fail the MOT.


If the vehicle is running correctly, it will fly through the MOT, remember there are plenty of diesels without CAT's so the emissions levels are currently pretty high.
Apparently as of 2004 the absence of a catalytic converter on a vehicle originally fitted with one is now an automatic fail.  However VOSA have on at least one occasion said this is not actually the case in a diesel vehicle.

What was the correct through pipe exhaust to fit in this case?

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