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1.6hdi 1.6tdci
I have just solved a frustrating non-start issue with my 1.6hdi Berlingo.
A long, very long story cut short I fitted a pair of second hand cams to my engine and couldn't get it to start. Tried easy-start not a pop or a bang.
Turns out that the timing mark on the exhaust cam was 180 degrees out so both the inlet and exhaust valves opened at the same time!

The cams came fitted to a cover with chain and tensioner so presumably some poor sole had scrapped a car after having the same issue.

The cams were from a 2006 Ford Focus TDCi and were genuine parts so presumably there are a few more out there marked 180 degrees out. Hopefully posting this here may save someone else from hours of misery. Don't you just love Citroens. Confusedillyme:
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Is it a Ford engine in the 1.6? I didn't know that.

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The block maybe the same across manufacturers but they sometimes use different ancillaries hence the problem here.
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It is basically the same engine aside from some ancillaries particular to the each car brand. It was developed and built by PSA in France. Many different auto makers use this engine including Citroen, Peugeot, Ford, Mini and Volvo to name a few.

I had a 2006 Focus with a 1.6tdci 110bhp, and whilst it was a great engine with plenty of power and good fuel economy I would not own one again (regardless of what car brand it comes in). I had many problems with the dreaded DPF, which needs to be replaced at 75k miles at a cost of €1100 for replacing the filter and €400 for 4 litres of the Eolys additive. Eh, no thanks. I ended up getting the DPF removed and the ECU remapped to account for it for the bargain price of €350. I also had problems with injectors blowing seals. AND they are prone to turbo failure due to the design of the oil feed to the turbo.

I hope the 2.0 HDi in the Berlingo I just bought is more robust...!
You need to read the relevant threads on the turbo issue.Confusedalut:
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(12-12-2013, 07:44 PM)ron Wrote:  You need to read the relevant threads on the turbo issue.Confusedalut:

Uh oh.... :S

To be fair though, all the research I did do before purchasing leads me to believe the 2.0 HDi is a pretty decent and well thought of engine. So I won't worry about it... until I have to (hopefully I won't have to) Big Grin
the 2.0 hdi is a very good engine you should have very few problems
Generally the 2.0 HDi engine isn't so susceptible to turbo failure as the 1.6.
But if serviced correctly the 1.6 still proves very reliable.

Regarding the TDCi Focus engine in a Berlingo. I think it likely that there is enough difference
electronically speaking to make the job untenable. The Berlingo ECU may not correctly adjust the
engine parameters and I would also think that the Focus ECU will probably not work with the
Berlingo's ancilliaries. Perhaps Lighty might know more than I do.
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(12-12-2013, 11:28 AM)steve valentine Wrote:  The block maybe the same across manufacturers but they sometimes use different ancillaries hence the problem here.

The cams are the same, I checked the part number marked on the actual cams. The timing mark on the exhaust cam was stamped 180 degrees out, presumably in error.
The cams are timed to each other by setting a timing mark on each cam 12 chain links apart on the timing chain. The inlet cam is then timed to the rest of the engine by a placing a timing pin through the timing belt pulley into a timing hole.
With the timing marks on my exhaust cam it will never work as both inlet and exhaust valves are open at the same time, I'm just glad I spotted it and it was actually 180 degrees which at least meant that the valves and pistons didn't meet!

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