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Front window help
Get in my mk2 Berlingo Multispace 03 this morning wind down the powered window when I tried to put it up strange noises and silence window stayed down.I can here a clicking noise but nothing happens.I managed to take the door trim off and manually push up the window and wedge.I think a cable has snapped or come off but I don't know what it should look like when it was working.Please Guys can someone Help with a photo or drawing please .
send me your email ill send you a Haynes manual. all you need in there
[Image: workvanammendedimage_zps98071302.png]
Thank you Brad22000 have taken Berlingo to Garage near by job going to cost £310 with labour Citroen parts have to come from main Stealer at£252 so will have to bite the bullet.Haynes not much good at all.
If you want to save some money I guess you could have a manual, ie wind up window regulator fitted. Some models of Berlingo vans had wind up windows so the parts are available from Citroen, there is a plugged hole in the door card where the winder handle goes.
Check out price at euro car parts I did one on a citroen motorhome a while back and it was oem and a third the price.
Are we there yet????? No we fecking ain`t  gggggrrrrrrr
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
Thank you Tomcat3 and Opensauce good call but I have already booked Berlingo in at local garage and payed up front for parts to be ordered.Hopefully will be fixed on Thursday.
Bit late to help you, but sounds like one of the plastic pulleys have failed. My passenger window had same problem you describe. It would go down, but going up, it would make a noise like a cable rubbing and then stop about 6 inches from top. With door panel removed, I found the outer part of a plastic pulley in the bottom of the door. The motor uses one cable to pull the window down and 2 to pull it up. The cables pass over plastic (nylon?) pulleys. I think one of my cables had started to fray and was catching in the pulley. It bent the pulley spindle over before breaking the pulley. Anyway you can get all sorts of replacement kits off Fleabay, but I got a complete new assembly. Had to cut connector off as it didn't match original, but otherwise a fairly simple job.
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